SFP.Band – “Last Kiss”

 SFP.Band – “Last Kiss”

After the exceptional breakout year that Maria Chabo and her project SFP.Band had last year, it was clear it would only be a matter of time before we’d see her pop up again with a brand-new tune in 2021.  Surging with momentum and the continual attention of listeners, fans, critics, and peers from one side of the map to the other, all eyes & ears have been on SFP.Band, listening & watching intently in high anticipation of the next single or video to come out.  Always sharp as it gets when it comes to promotional cleverness, we’ve got a preview clip of the new video for “Last Kiss,” to give you a taste of the atmospheric & ethereal sound you’ll find in the latest cut from SFP.Band.  In what’s only been a short amount of time, we’ve been introduced to several tracks from Maria and her band like “Falling,” Yearning,” and most recently, “Lovin’ You” from back in December last year – and each time SFP.Band shows up, you’ll find you get just enough to provoke your curiosity through a short promo clip, which sets you up with the rest of the world to look forward to, and await the word on the next official release.  From the sounds of things, “Last Kiss” is working with a thread of post-punk sound to it, which is certain to please a legion of fans out there that still hold that sound & its mysterious vibes near & dear to this very day – and as always, as with every release from SFP.Band so far, you can bet Maria will pick up a ton of new listeners & fans in the process.  She’s always up to something, and making the right moves for her music & career to get noticed & heard – check out the latest sample of what SFP.Band has in-store for ya this year and check out this clip of “Last Kiss” below!

Find out more about SFP.Band at the official page at Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/SFP.BAND

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