Insight Into Your Recording


We’ll have a listen to your latest music and let you know privately what can be done to make it even more enticing & engaging for the people out there!

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Send your music tracks via download-link or direct us to an online streaming link!

I’ll have a couple listens through your music at the very least, while writing any advice/insight I can for you – that’s all there is to it!  Let’s get it started!

What’s In It For YOU?

If you’re looking for quality insight into your brand-new recording before everything is all finalized & you still have time to make changes – I can do that for you! In an honest & sincere way that listens to the music objectively, intent on doing what I can to help give you the best advice I can to get you the best result in your mix & music.  If you want to know if your album, songs, or EP is ready to go, or if something honestly still need some work…if you want to know if the hooks are strong enough, or if the entertainment factor is there…if you want to know if there’s something off in tone, or needs a bump in volume in the mix…all of these things are details I can advise you on, and more, on your way to that next release.

It can often be extremely tough to find people that will genuinely be honest with us about the music we make…much of our success in the independent music-scene and at our site can be attributed to filling that gap.  By being real in our communication…we can help you get towards the final version of the record you’re looking to make with the key insights we can offer.  Put our expertise to work for ya, order this up & we’ll get started!

Looking forward to working with you!

– Jer @ SBS

Any Questions?

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