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For best results please send any links to existing social media and any music that is available to listen to online.  Add in any information that’s changed or new for you – we’ll put it all together & figure out the rest and create you a dynamic write-up that tells the world what you’re truly all about in your new biography!

We are here to help!

If you are looking for a professional, well-written, engaging & enticing biography for your band or for yourself as an artist, you’ve come to the right place.

Not everyone writes on a daily basis…or has a love for the craft itself.  I do.

Not everyone listens to music from every genre known to mankind, or wants to!  I do.

Not everyone reviews music and receives all kinds of OTHER band-bios and related info all day long in their music studio.  Again – I do.

We’ve experienced incredible results at this site due to our impeccable attention to detail, our understanding of music in all genres – and because we care about your success out there every bit as much as our own.  We’re available to write your new bio from short social-media inclined intros, to all kinds of additional options if you’re looking for longer bios that include more of the details you’ve provided, or if you simply want to make an even larger impact on the people out there reading about ya!  Any questions, shoot us a message and we’ll be sure to respond.  Looking forward to working with you and creating something incredible to help represent your music & career – cheers!

– Jer @ SBS

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