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"I’m passionate about what I do, and just as passionate about what YOU do. Together, we can get your music into the hands of the people that should have it. Let’s create something incredible."

Ception Of Ty – “Brother Gabriel”

Incredible.  Purely incredible. I’m almost at a complete loss for words when it comes to the music of Ception Of Ty, despite how much I’ve already written about them here in the past & will likely again write today here in talking about their single “Brother Gabriel,” the third single released prior to the release […]Read More

Ception Of Ty – “Superbeing”

Dudes! I am more than stoked to hear Ception Of Ty is back in action with a new record coming out soon.  From what I’ve read online, it’s rumored to be called Essays On Nothing according to a post from New Year’s Eve last year, and they’ve gone on to release a few tasty morsels […]Read More

Ception Of Ty – “The Ping Pong Song”

This band is so delightfully odd and artistic! The duo of Ntinos (Music) and Christos (Vocals) have been enticing us all in slowly since about May of this year, with stunningly diverse & unique singles from their album Asymmetry Generosity…which up until now, has been upcoming.  That’s the BEST NEWS in this whole post people […]Read More

Ception Of Ty – “Dream Of Dying”

One of our favorite experimental/art+music projects that we’ve stumbled upon this year is back with more amazing audio/visual reasons to love’em – Ception Of Ty has just released the new video/single for “Dream Of Dying” and continues to show the world their bold uniqueness.  All the way from Greece – the combined duo of Ntinos […]Read More

Ception Of Ty – “Space Girl”

If you’ve been by our pages this month, chances are you’ve already stumbled upon one of the projects I’m super excited about this year, the duo known as Ception Of Ty, based out of Greece.  We posted up their single/video called “Tell Me Stories About Your Leg” and were seriously impressed by the high-level of […]Read More

Ception Of Ty – “Tell Me Stories About Your Leg”

Sign me up for THIS!  I’m all about what Ception Of Ty have going on in this extraordinary single “Tell Me Stories About Your Leg” – what a brilliant combination of art & music!  This duo from Athens, Greece, have been collaborating on all kinds of different projects over the past four years or so, […]Read More

Blunt Objects – Pointy Rounds

Blunt Objects – Pointy Rounds – Album Review Well that…is definitely a rubbery beginning.  I ain’t saying that’s as a bad thing, just an observation is all.  “Downtown” sounds like it’s the recorded version of what a bungee cord experiences.  It works well enough…it’s another Bill Owens project, but more of a noticeable bend towards […]Read More

Richard Tyler Epperson – A Wandering Mind

Richard Tyler Epperson – A Wandering Mind – EP Review Heads UP y’all…I’ve got that good ol’ pre-release info for ya, and Richard Tyler Epperson’s upcoming 2023 record in advance on my playlists already…figured I might share a lil’ something with ya and let you in on what I’m hearing!  Why?  Well, because I’m EXCITED […]Read More

Danny End The Dictators – The Death Of Sovereignty

Danny End The Dictators – The Death Of Sovereignty – Album Review Lemme tell ya folks…as the guy that listens to everything, I’m always perplexed by how other people would make their way through an album that has me struggling, or challenges my ears more than most.  I get a lot of people asking about […]Read More

B. Slinky – Light Over The City

B. Slinky – Light Over The City – Album Review Would you believe it if I told ya I’ve technically been listening to this man slay his axe for more than SEVEN years at this point?  Trust me when I tell ya, by the time I got around to listening to B. Slinky play guitar, […]Read More