SBS Separated 029 – West My Friend

 SBS Separated 029 – West My Friend

Many of you already know about the excellent time I got to have with your SBS Reader-Voted ‘Best New Sound of 2014’ number-one choice, West My Friend, earlier on this month.  And I figured, while we get that footage all ready and cut ourselves a brand new episode for the show (or two!) – why not give you all a taste of another magical live-moment we stumbled into this year.  This excellent song is actually a cover-song, one originally done by Julia Easterlin called “Go Straight Away,” and from what I’d gather, this is a rarely seen West My Friend moment out there on the internet right now and a song you can’t get from their released records Place or When The Ink Dries currently.  So if you’re a fan of those moments you can’t find on record…this one has all the magic you can put into a song & performance.  Love this band and I’m continually more & more proud of them as they continue to outwork the rest of the bands I see out there in any genre.  In combination with their exceptional ideas & talent – that relentless determination and hard-work is paying off – this band is securely on the road to success.

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