SBS Separated 028 – Rasta Mike

 SBS Separated 028 – Rasta Mike

Some of the absolute best moments I’ve ever witnessed on a musical-level have come from the complete unexpected.  Moments where music bursts out from beside you, and you had no idea it was even coming…that kind of thing…

So in this posting for SBS Separated (which will be firing up regularly until the end of April this time around…) I’m inviting you to one of the moments that took me by surprise last year in 2014.  It’s not too often you’ve seen us out in the hip-hop crowds (though we do go!), but in Surrey, BC, not only did we take in a rap-show at Olympia – but we were actually there watching emcee after emcee grab the mic with the hairy beasts & brethren of Vancouver hard-rock band The Pit of all people!  Trevor and Tyler Hutton were on hand with their good friend Andy of Owen’s Oddities to watch a wicked rapper by the name of Napz Meka.  Low and behold, before the guy even had a chance to take over the stage, during an intermission, local well-known rapper Rasta Mike simply took over Olympia with an incredible off-the-cuff freestyle performance that actually put the noise right into the people that night.  He single-handedly brought the energy level to a maximum, and rappers to follow, like Napz, enjoyed a warm reception thanks to Rasta Mike jumping in here at the right time and stealing the show for an awesome moment and memory in music.  Take a look!

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