SBS Separated 014 – Magik Spells (Live @ The Zoo Zhop 2012)

 SBS Separated 014 – Magik Spells (Live @ The Zoo Zhop 2012)

SBS Separated Continues!

Enjoy This!  And let’s get one of the obvious ones out of the way…  This has hands-down been one of the more commented-on/requested videos that we’ve shown in the past.  One of first shows back into the live music-scene in Vancouver at the end of 2012…this video has it all; rookie filming mistakes, ok-at-best audio-recording…and one hell of a performance by three mystical figures we can barely see known as Magik Spells.  This band continues on strongly to this day…at least as far as we can tell from a distance!  Chances are if we were on fire Magik Spells wouldn’t piss on us to put it out…but that’s okay…we still love those guys and the music they make and continue to make as they blend alt-funk-rock grooves together.  Shortly after our interview would be the last we heard from this band…one of the only experiences we’ve had where that bond through this experience didn’t manage to carry on past the show.  Nevertheless…can’t help but support great music when we know it’s out there…and again, this song/performance of “Neo Peasant” has easily been one of the more requested songs/videos of our past three years.

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