SBS Separated 009 – Blackout Lights (Live @ Joe’s Apartment 2014)

 SBS Separated 009 – Blackout Lights (Live @ Joe’s Apartment 2014)

SBS Separated is BACK!

Featuring a video per day for the month of January from our past adventures in video, out in the local scene and from our show SBS Live This Week.

Enjoy This!  We’ve got a ripping track here from our good friends in Blackout Lights.  This was the last show we got to take in during 2014 and they made sure to bring the energy and rock big enough to take us right into 2015 happily.  Check out their live performance of their song “Generator” from Joe’s Apartment here in Vancouver.

You can catch Steve Barmash, lead singer/guitarist for Blackout Lights on our show later this year in 2015 when our expert-panel makes a second debut.  Last time we talked about metal with Ruddy from Aeterna and Leighton from Iron Kingdom…this time around we talk GRUNGE and bring back Steve to help drop some knowledge bombs about the impact that music made in history and throughout his own local scene.  You’ll also see two more local experts in the mix with Tyler Hutton of The Pit/Closer and Tyler Mayfield of Lung Flower dropping by to fill in the gaps and talk everything and anything GRUNGE.  Later in the first quarter of 2015…on an SBS Live This Week episode coming soon!

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