SBS Separated 007 – Cinged (Live @ Home 2013)

 SBS Separated 007 – Cinged (Live @ Home 2013)

SBS Separated is BACK!

Posting up a video per day for the month of January from our past adventures and creations of SBS Live This Week and our videos filmed, edited and shot for talent found locally and around the globe over our past 3 years.

Enjoy this!  From the first video-interview we ever sent out, a band near & dear to our hearts at SBS even to this day…this is the duo from Kelowna, BC, known as Cinged with a video they shot during a live performance in their jam space for their interview with us in 2013.  This track, “Valley Of The Clouds,” shows the highlight reasons as to why we still love this sound…the ingenious musical combo and great instrumentation led by Corey Bornau, and the tremendously strong voice of Theresa Bishop.  Check it out!

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