SBS Podcast 146

 SBS Podcast 146

You know you want some of this!

And what better time than now?  It’s BANDCAMP FRIDAY y’all – come have a listen to the latest Proof Of Purchase special on the SBS Podcast!  We’ll be playing all kinds of music we gathered from the Bandcamp special back in November of last year for the first time on our show while we’re busying pushing ‘click to purchase’ on a whole bunch of new stuff to add to our catalog at their site today.  We’ll also be talking about even NEWER stuff happenin’ with the music of Leslie DeShazor, Scarlett Siren & The Howlin’ Tramps, and Link&Chain – in addition to spinning incredible tunes from all over the map literally & stylistically, by Manacore, Pete Kavanagh, Richard Tyler Epperson, The Key Of Green, Skittish, Kay L.A., Rasmus Fynbo, Kyle Burnett, Spacebudda, Swami Lushbeard, Vaulty, Plike, Echoofmyvoice, Joho, and Polyphonic Exophilia featuring Essinauks in the mix today.  We’ve got TONS of amazing cuts for you to listen to today while you’re busy out there shopping for your own new tunes online – tune in & turn up for Proof Of Purchase! Vol. 19 on the SBS Podcast!


Your official show lineup includes:

Skittish – “Ready Or Not”

Richard Tyler Epperson – “I Know” / “Stars”

Rasmus Fynbo – “No Place Among Stars” / “How We End” / “Repeat”

Manacore – “Mestre Total”

Vaultry – “Other Drugs”

Polyphonic Exophilia – “Knight Becomes A Ritter” Feat. Essinauks

Plike – “Clocked”

Spacebudda – “Kitty”

Kay L.A. – “Dreamers”

Joho – “Tomorrow Freestyle” Feat. Kiev / “Red Soda”

Echoofmyvoice – “Void”

Link&Chain – “Guide Me Jah” / “Don’t Do That”

Pete Kavanagh – “Hold On”

The Key Of Green – “Thieves”

Swami Lushbeard – “End Of The World”

Kyle Burnett – “Decatur”

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