SBS Live This Week 120

 SBS Live This Week 120

In honor of The Pit getting their asses back into the studio where they belong and finally recording us all some killer new cuts for release in 2020 – we take you waaaaaaaay back to their hood in 2013 where we ended up filming the Hutton twins Trevor (Guitar/Vox) & Tyler (Drums) at a private practice session.  Ooooooo exclusive right?  Obviously they crushed out a wicked & raw set right in front of our eyes – that’s the thing about The Pit, one way or the other, they always do!  Check out some blast from the past footage from somewhere around shortly after they turned into a two-piece behemoth and were gearing up to get out and slay stages in 2013.

And you KNOW we hooked you up with a bonus vid!  We’ll fast forward to a couple months back at the tail-end of 2019 and play one of Rusty‘s biggest hits for ya, live from their time at the 27 Club in Ottawa out on the Dogs Of Canada tour.  Don’t miss out – sit yourself down, turn this episode up, and dig on some of that rogue underground stuff we all love – enjoy!


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