SBS Live This Week 082

 SBS Live This Week 082

Back in the day when SBS first started up and we got back into filming shows…before we even knew what we’d do with the footage, we had the cameras rolling.  The first show we actually took in, was this one right here back in 2012 when we saw alt-funk/indie-rock band Magik Spells at the Zoo Zhop in Vancouver.  I rolled into what seemed like the sweatiest corner of the planet in the tightest of rooms to check them out LIVE for the first time and survived the heat to tell the tale today…and as far as Magik Spells go, every time we’ve put them on the show in any way, shape or form, we always get comments from the people out there wanting to find out more and hear more from them.  Madly wild & accessible grooves in the music of Magik Spells…looks like they’ve expanded their band to four members and the band is still going strong if you check out their pages today – have a look at some live-clips from their earlier days as a three-piece in 2012.

Stick around for a bonus video from Brooklyn’s finest – rapper Moncler Mellz is in the house to supply the extra cut of the day on SBS Live This Week with his wild new single “Press It Up” in the spotlight.  Do the right thing – click the episode and check all this out!


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