SBS Best New Sound 2018 – Armonite

 SBS Best New Sound 2018 – Armonite

Congratulations on the nomination!

Armonite – And The Stars Above

Nominated for an outstanding reunion & the mind-blowing instrumental creativity that ran through Armonite’s album And The Stars Above that brought two talented players back to where they truly belong.  With an entire lineup of incredibly imaginative & beautifully composed songs, Armonite’s record was a true adventure and journey into the heart of instrumental music.  Marvelous music from beginning to end, straight-up.  Join us in celebrating our sixth selection out of ten to this year’s SBS Reader Vote for our Best New Sound of 2018 – and a massive congratulations to Armonite for such an extraordinary achievement in music this year with And The Stars Above – this record said it all without even saying a single word.  It’s got our official nomination to this year’s top-ten list!  Well earned & well deserved – Armonite you’re a perfect example of how endlessly creative & artistic instrumental music can be!

Read the full review on the And The Stars Above by Armonite from August 2018 at sleepingbagstudios by clicking here.

And don’t forget to vote from December 18th – December 31st this year to support Armonite in our quest for BEST NEW SOUND 2018!


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