SBS Best New Sound 2017 Nominations – Paul The Trombonist

 SBS Best New Sound 2017 Nominations – Paul The Trombonist

SBS Best New Sound Nominations

Day Four:  Paul The Trombonist

Exciting new combinations and ideas in music are something we’re always searching for when listening to records & reviewing them here at sleepingbagstudios – and early-on in the year, one of those unique gems revealed itself – Paul The Trombonist.  With his album Journey To The World, he achieved something that many of you out there might not even think was possible – he made the trombone freakin’ COOL.  Working in a clever fusion of electro sounds and natural instrumentation provided by his signature brass, Paul The Trombonist created songs that perfectly blended the old & the new in extraordinary ways that completely caught our attention for the stunning uniqueness compared to virtually anything else you’ll find.  Journey To The World made it clear that Paul The Trombonist was out there to carve out his own path in music – and the results of his efforts became an entire audio-journey that was seriously refreshing to listen to and genius-level clever.  This is the exact kind of innovative & expressive artist that belongs on a yearly top-10 list, and we’re completely proud to have him on ours – be ready to support Paul The Trombonist when it comes time to cast your ballots in this year’s reader-vote beginning Dec. 15th!

Massive congratulations to Paul The Trombonist for the incredible effort put into the stunning material on Journey To The World – without a doubt, a huge highlight in 2017.

Check out my full thoughts on Journey To The World by Paul The Trombonist here:

Find out more about Paul The Trombonist at his official page:


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