SBS Best New Sound 2017 Nominations – Dazor

 SBS Best New Sound 2017 Nominations – Dazor

SBS Best New Sound Nominations

Day Seven:  Dazor

Location, location, location – isn’t that what they always say?  In 2017, Dazor proved it doesn’t matter where you live – if you turn the volume up loud enough, the music is bound to get out there to all the right places.  This Canadian crew from Halifax slayed the songs on their new EP called Back To The Lounge and got right into the grip of the post-grunge alternative sound, pumping out four tunes where the writing, ideas and sound could slide right into the mainstream at any time.  The results of their efforts to create music with real attitude & character showed that Dazor was capable of bringing all that & more as they surged through gritty power-rock melodies and hooks that couldn’t be denied.  Word on the street is that this three-piece is already getting the process rolling again and they’re ready to start recording the follow-up release to the Back To The Lounge EP, which is…all kinds of awesome news.  As far as rock-anything goes, Dazor put out one of the most inspired and enthusiastic records of the year without a doubt – and to hear there is already MORE music being planned is just more confirmation that this band is making all the right moves and seizing the momentum of the growing buzz that’s continually surrounding them more by the minute.  A massive highlight for alternative in 2017 – make sure to come out & support Dazor in the reader-vote this year beginning Dec. 15th for their top-10 worthy results and the pure rock energy that they create.

Massive congratulations to Dazor for their efforts on Back To The Lounge and making the official top-10 for the scorching heat of riotous alternative hooks that packed the entire EP – they stood out from the rest this year for all the right reasons and this entire band has serious potential to go the distance.  Absolutely one of the best sounds of the year 2017…certainly one of the most vibrant, real…and straight-up awesomely loud.

Find my full thoughts on Dazor’s Back To The Lounge EP here:

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