Sashae’ – “Worth It”

 Sashae’ – “Worth It”

Sashae’ – “Worth It” – Music Video Release/Review

There are some artists out there that when you hear them for the first time that experience is so powerful in all the right ways that it sets you at ease in knowing that if someone as fantastic as Sashae’ simply continues to stay the course and continue on the path she’s already on, she’s bound to find worldwide success.  Not even remotely kidding around here – she has an INCREDIBLE voice and amazing instincts as a singer/songwriter that create a genuine sincerity in her sound & vocals that is 100% guaranteed to connect to the hearts, minds, and souls of the people out there listening.  I’m truly beyond impressed from the vocals to the video, performance to production, music to microphone – you can both hear and see for yourself that Sashae’ has that intangible X-factor that is going to lead her to serious success if she keeps this on up.  Check this out for yourself and listen to “Worth It” via video below…you’ll see & hear it all right there in front of you – she’s got everything it takes to succeed.

And…AND…if I may just patriotically boast for a tiny moment here…she’s CANADIAN!  I don’t usually go down that road…but this is the kind of stunning talent you know won’t stay secret for long…she’s destined for a much larger degree of worldwide success in her music-career, so before the rest of the world lays claim to her, I’m just putting it here again in print – she’s CANADIAN!  I mean she’s practically like a perfect cross between an Amy Winehouse and an Elle King…lil’ bit of Alicia Keys sprinkled in there too throughout her new single “Worth It” – and with equally tangible moments of gripping sincerity, immaculately intimate & soulful-sound, and an emotionally powerful authenticity that’s completely all her own.  Every time Sashae’ hit the verse for the first time I got that spine-tingling feeling of pure excitement…that knowing that what I’m listening to is connected to that next-level in every way.  Then when she hit the chorus each time I listened, the impact is always so gorgeously breathtaking – Sashae’ has such a remarkably bold & beautiful voice that it would be audibly impossible not to notice.

I’ll say this much for certain – I’m pushing all-in here.  My chips are down and I’m happily ready to bet on Sashae’ going the distance and becoming a household name out there around the globe…connections to music this strong just don’t come along every day.  Each moment, every note she sings…it all seems to just flow so fluidly, organically, and gracefully from her mouth to the microphone – I’d place my bet with supreme confidence, because Sashae’ is truly “Worth It.”  There’s a classic grace and power to the way she sings…one that could very well go on to reveal a modern-day version of the great Etta James even over time…it’s that kind of incredible potential that exists within an artist like Sashae’ and the more she believes it, the more she’ll achieve it.  But she knows that…at least I’d hope she does…much of the empowering mix of emotionally driven lyrics of “Worth It” revolve around embracing the spirit of who you are in life & love, no matter how wild it gets, and staying true to the person you are.  As heartbreaking as much of that journey can be, which you’ll see detailed onscreen as she packs boxes and finds her way out of what’s clearly been hard times spent in a shared relationship – it’s also the that amazing transition into her own personal freedom and confidence that shifts this whole mood from its melodically melancholy vibe into something even more uplifting that we can truly all take a lesson from.

Beautiful in every way.  She’s got the look, she’s got the sound, she’s got the skills and talent to sincerely connect herself to the music and to the soul of the people as a result.  Expertly directed in the video by Vince Raquel and produced perfectly by Trey Mills – the talent surrounding her shines brightly as well, radiating that support for what’s clearly an artist destined for greatness.  Or that is, more greatness – Sashae’ has already proven she’s amazing and can create a true time-stopping experience with “Worth It” – I have no doubt she’ll impress each and every one of you out there listening.

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