Samie Bisaso – “Completely”

 Samie Bisaso – “Completely”

Samie Bisaso – “Completely” – Single Review

A solid man of devout faith, solo-artist Samie Bisaso has just released his brand-new single “Completely” unto the world awaiting. Already racking up views by the thousands for the video supporting his song – the slogan of Samie Productions nearly says it all: Spreading The Word Through Entertainment. So there’s no secrets, it’s all out in the open and I can’t imagine he’d want it any other way – Samie Bisaso is more than ready to proudly present his own unique twist to gospel music on “Completely.”

Not being a religious man myself…what I did appreciate was that much of this song is written in a way that anyone could find a way to relate to it. Samie shows great restraint to not become overly preachy throughout the lyrics and not push away potential fans that might not be as intensely religious. The music itself had a good, steady beat that pulses with soft-dynamics that allow Samie to sing his prayers straight up to the heavens above.

While some of the combinations that Bisaso chooses throughout the melody of “Completely” might throw you off at first…a little research into the man behind the music will tell you that he comes by these movements and vocalizations honestly through his unique combinations of R&B, Soul and Pop-Afro-Fusion. I mean…it’s not every day that something ‘Pop-Afro-Fusion’ comes waltzing into our speakers here – but even from my limited experience with the genre I can certainly still hear the grip of its influence here on “Completely.” Though I’d consider the track to largely rely on R&B…it’s the bright and playful aspects of Pop-Afro-Fusion that make this track unexpected to the ears at first; it gives the vocals a somewhat tribal aspect to them…one proudly sung loudly by Samie Bisaso.

I’d understand if some of it sounds perplexing to some…I can hear that. Samie has a unique voice and approach that is going to work really well for some and maybe not for others – but you can’t deny the amount of commitment and conviction he sings with. He definitely believes in every beautiful word he’s chosen in “Completely” of which he’s used to describe the depth of his faith. I know I believe him!

Aside for a decent, well-intentioned song – Samie Bisaso also has one of the most beautiful dancers in his video for “Completely” this side of Sia’s “Chandeliers.” While Samie does a great job performing to the music and putting onscreen emotion into the words, I’m sure even he’d tell you that it’s the sparkling backgrounds and gorgeously filmed dance routine happening in the background that truly help this video soar to the heights it reaches. Much of it is actually filmed up on a rooftop against a golden-sky…the editing is seamless and the video really compliments the song very well.

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