Ryan MC – “Nomore Sleep”

 Ryan MC – “Nomore Sleep”

Only seems fitting that if it’s 5:00am in the morning over here and I’ve been riding insomnia all night long that “Nomore Sleep” would be the cut I’d be posting up here to kick thangs off on the page today…

This man’s “just tryin’ to get a bag” y’all…not sure why errrrrrryone’s gotta get up in Ryan MC’s grill about it, you feel me?  Let the man smoke’em if he’s got’em – and his crew too, of course.  Not that they need my permission or anyone else’s for that matter – you can see in the video for “Nomore Sleep” that Ryan MC and his homies have no problem handlin’ their business like professionals from the studio to the city streets, straight-up.  Ain’t nothin’ stoppin’ me from joinin’ them either yo – I don’t care what time of day it is, this bowl in my bong stays LIT 24/7, just like this new single does.  I’ll tell ya this – something over there has gotta be workin’ right – there’s more cash flyin’ around in this video than there are planes at an airport…and yes, I’m talking about the busy times, long before the Covid era.

You know how it is here at these pages of ours.  I’m all about commitment, confidence, and dedication to the craft – and Ryan MC is puttin’ plenty of ALL that on display throughout “Nomore Sleep.”  He’s got a supremely dynamic beat to hit his bars down with, and the man wastes no time whatsoever in getting his A-game on.  Ryan MC raps with precision and serious skill, taking his rhymes for a smooth rhythmic ride & glide as he leans into the m-i-c and brings fire to his verses.  The end results don’t just speak for themselves – they leap straight outta your speakers!  “Nomore Sleep” is about as large & in-charge as a single can be…this whole track sounds absolutely MASSIVE, and Ryan MC makes sure to keep his focus 100% sharp to get the maximum potential from every moment.  Solid video support with slick edits, wild colors, and a party that clearly just don’t quit – ever – Ryan MC delivers single-worthy sound well worth turning up and spinning several times over; you just can’t squeeze any more juice out of a cut than he’s already got outta this one y’all.

“Nomore Sleep” has barely been out for a whole forty-eight hours total yet, and Ryan MC is already racking up tens-upon-tens of thousands of views, clicks, and hits on this new joint he’s sparked up for you to enjoy.  Dude makes it crystal clear from the write-up you’ll see featured with the video, and the true grit you’ll hear in his tone of voice, that there’s nothing getting in the way of him taking over 2021.  Remember you heard it here first homies – this cut slaps!  Check out what Ryan MC brings to the game, and give his latest single/video for “Nomore Sleep” a spin for yourself below.

Find out more about Ryan MC at his official page at Instagram here:  https://www.instagram.com/GhettoRichMC

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