Root For The Villain – “The Wanted”

 Root For The Villain – “The Wanted”

Extreme yo!  Root For The Villain wastes no time at all in going for the jugular, gripping and ripping through the music & vocals of their latest single “The Wanted.”  Wild combinations of sound goin’ down here – intense, melodic, punishing – you’ll never see this song coming at ya, but you’ll definitely know it was there – “The Wanted” rages at its hardest moments and brilliantly transforms into highly creative melody at others.  An explosion of sound…almost like an Industrial/Screamo-Pop of sorts…Electrocore, to the layman…it’s a strange fusion of course, with powerful elements of Black Metal, Alternative, and Psychedelic vibes running through the mix as well…reminds me a ton of one of my favorite bands, Idiot Pilot, from back in the day before I got all grey-bearded.  Root For The Villain has a full album’s worth of ideas on this one highly innovative & entertaining cut – and you can tell these guys got a wicked sense of humor as well from the video they’ve put together to support it…starring pretty much every character from the DC & Marvel universe – you gotta dig that right?  Alright…I mean…maybe they’re all found from outside of Mann’s Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Blvd and aren’t exactly the people hanging out with Robert Downey Jr. & Captain Murica…but you gotta start somewhere right?  Get gritty on the streets with these fine folks – check out the brand-new single/video for Root For The Villain’s “The Wanted” below!

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