Rob Larkin & The Wayward Ones – “She Can Flow” Featuring Emily Smith

 Rob Larkin & The Wayward Ones – “She Can Flow” Featuring Emily Smith

Rob Larkin & The Wayward Ones – “She Can Flow” Featuring Emily Smith – Single Review

If comfort-food was music, it’d be this.

Rob Larkin & The Wayward Ones had already given us all the enticement we needed to want to check out his upcoming record Lights Are Burning when we listened to the lead-single “Long Time Gone” – but as it turns out…he’s gone and decided to give us two solid reasons to be chomping at the bit for that new album with this latest audible cherry-on-top, “She Can Flow” featuring Emily Smith.

Musicianship & instrumentation were indisputable last time around, and that certainly holds true here once again on this new single – it doesn’t take more than ten seconds of the smooth guitar tones and gentle beat of “She Can Flow” playing before you can feel this lighthearted melody hit you in the heartstrings.  The music on “She Can Flow” is about as inviting and accessible as a song can possibly be – not a moment out of line here, not one solitary second needs adjusting in one direction or the other, the professionalism, precision, and passion is all on display like a shining example of ‘how to’ when it comes to attention to detail and doing it right from performance to production.  But there’s more to this…

Where “She Can Flow” really pulls out the W from, is in the vocals and songwriting itself.  If you’re familiar with Rob’s music or you’ve read about him already – you’ll know that the musicianship is always going to be locked-down & in-place right where it should be…so while fantastic to listen to, it’s also right in line with the high-standards that end up being placed on a player this amazing.  Listen to the control, subtle charm, and the insightful way he solos in the middle of this tune…Rob doesn’t ‘claim’ this song with anything overly gratuitous, he finds a short & sweet spot to fit into and complement the rest of “She Can Flow” without even coming close to overboard.  For some of you out there reading, you’re unimpressed with what seems like such a small footnote…and to some degree I understand that; but I’d also point out quickly that there’s certainly nothing to criticize or pick-on when it comes to the music of Rob Larkin & The Wayward Ones…and I’d have no problem silencing the rest of the people with an anecdote or two about just how smart a musician truly has to be when it comes to having a true gift for an instrument and knowing how to use professional restraint as an asset.  Rob could likely noodle at the guitar strings all day long if he felt like it…but rather than hog the spotlight, like the true pro he is, he knows exactly when to hand it over to someone else when they’re running hot on an idea or song.  Which brings me back to the point I was trying to make when I started this paragraph – enter Emily Smith.

What a sparkling amount of personality Emily brings to this song!  She instantly complements the Clapton-like cool of Rob’s vocals in the chorus hooks before taking the lead on her own for the verses, singing with bright tone & a gorgeous level of confidence, clearly feeling the vibe.  Whether with Rob or on her own, she stands-out in all the right ways…I love the way that the verse flows right into the hooks without a moment’s hesitation.  The structure, the writing, the melody, the flow…the immaculate duet between these two talented singers…I mean, this all works 100%.  Emily is just as magic with her free-style vocalizations as she is when she’s singing actual words – the sheer sound of her voice is guaranteed to put a smile on your face and this song in your heart.  For as smooth as this song glides along, it’s actually quite remarkably entertaining…it’s not so chilled-out that you’ll tune-out, you feel me?  This songwriting on “She Can Flow” has hooks for miles in both verse & chorus – and the way that these two take on the vocals adds even more allure & charm into the mix that ears will want to seek out & repeat.

The way it’s written to flow and use the melody in the music & vocals to its advantage has “She Can Flow” moving along at a pace that’ll keep your interest firmly affixed to the speakers.  It’s as pleasant as music can possibly be, welcoming you right in with the delicate sway of the rhythm with open arms…a true pleasure to listen to and a song that’s bound to add some joy into your day.  I’ve always got time for music that’ll do that – you should too.

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