Rick Habana – “Coast” Featuring Kahlil

 Rick Habana – “Coast” Featuring Kahlil

Funk at its finest!

Sensational artist/musician/producer Rick Habana comes out of the gate extremely strong, movin’ & groovin’ on his first single & video of 2019, ready to restore Funk back up at the top of charts & playlists where it so rightfully belongs.  Especially when it’s this well-put together!  Rick’s got himself a perfectly tight band to work with full of ace musicians & studio pros – and when it comes to the featured guest star on the mic, Kahlil brings a vibrant personality & charm along with stunning vocals that suit the vibe of this entire song spot-on.  Definitely a collaboration that has brought out the best between them all – “Coast” has the catchy rhythmic bounce & energy that goes straight to the soul, an R&B twist in the sound through Kahlil’s vocals that give it a sparkling crossover magic, and an uplifting sound that simply cannot be denied.  You add all that up, combined with the exceptionally gorgeous & colorful imagery supporting Rick’s single onscreen in the new video…and you gotta admire how this debut works beautifully on a visual level, and already has Habana sounding like a true veteran of the scene & leader in the next wave of real Funk music that the people genuinely want to hear.  Dig it party people!  Check it out for yourself – click on “Coast” below!

Find out more about Rick Habana from his official website at:  http://rickhabanamusic.com

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