Red Barnett – “Astronaut”

 Red Barnett – “Astronaut”

For you dreamers out there…

Iceland-based, award-winning band Red Barnett has released the brand-new single/video for “Astronaut” from their upcoming album Astronauts due out this fall – and if you’ve ever wondered while looking up at the sky if there’s someone or something looking back at you at the same time, you’ll absolutely love what they’ve come up with for the visuals supporting their latest song.  They’ve done an exceptional job on everything you’ll see & hear – the video is loaded with spectacular entertainment for the eyes, complete with a storyline you can genuinely follow & likely relate to yourself, and “Astronaut” as a song stands out for equally brilliant reasons.  Stocked full of melody that hits the mark spot-on, sincerity you couldn’t possibly miss, and just enough of a twist of Indie sound in the Pop/Rock mix to give this band the added edge when it comes to setting themselves apart from the rest – Red Barnett has an intensely addictive & melodic style that’s beautifully expressive.  Fantastic vocals both with & without the effects, surrounded by gorgeous, graceful, and melodically bold music…Red Barnett has created a massively engaging atmosphere you can float & dream along with.  Giant thumbs-up to “Astronaut” – they’ve got a compelling melody to work with & a stunning video to go with it…Red Barnett delivers you a universally accessible, innovative & single-worthy sound on their latest song, and an awesome reason to look forward to their next record coming out this year.

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