Real Talk The Metaphor Messiah – “Salsa”

 Real Talk The Metaphor Messiah – “Salsa”

Real Talk (The Metaphor Messiah) – “Salsa” – Music Video Release/Review

Yo…just cause I left the hood don’t mean I won’t come back.”  #RealTalk

Let me just tell y’all as straight-up as I can – Real Talk The Metaphor Messiah ain’t afraid to tell ya exactly what’s on his mind.  We are talkin’ HOT BARS on “Salsa” – Real Talk flexes mad finesse, wild skill, huge confidence, and a massive presence on the m-i-c as he raps his way through this short but single-worthy cut.  Released officially in 2018 – believe me when I tell ya, “Salsa” is still as fresh as it gets today here in 2019 – ain’t no expiry dates on a fine product like this; let’s dip in to Real Talk’s latest joint…

Extra stoned…boss life like Al Capone…”  #Truth

You see & hear what I’m sayin’ people?  Real Talk The Metaphor Messiah is coming about this whole Rap thang in all the right ways from the speakers to the screen with his single “Salsa.”  I’m assuming you’ve done the right thing and clicked on the video now to find out what’s up…if you haven’t, suit up for some spoilers and know you deserve’em – if you’re here reading now, c’mon man, listen as well yo!  My words are only ever gonna do a song or video so much justice, no matter how well any article turns out…you gotta experience these cuts & vids for yourself, especially when the work has been put in, like you’ll find on “Salsa” from every possible angle.  Whether it’s visually or audibly, this emcee has got you covered – spectacular imagery & shots on screen, killer rhymes on the mic…ya couldn’t ask for more.

When you’re working on the inside of a track that’s just past the two-minute mark in length, you gotta hustle and make an immediate effort to establish a lasting impact on listeners & viewers – and that’s where The Metaphor Messiah reveals the kind of attention to detail, charisma, & all-out entertainment that’ll separate him from the rest of what’s out there right now.  Not only is the main star of the show clearly blessed with the gift to rhyme, but from what he’s spittin’ through your speakers to what you’re seeing on screen, “Salsa” is as tight as it gets & proves that Real Talk can completely handle his business.

One thing’s for sure, you don’t fuck with my salsa!”  #IHeardThatYo!

“Salsa” – aka the mean greens, aka Mother Mary Jane, aka the ol’ devil’s lettuce…y’all know what Real Talk is rappin’ about when he refers to “Salsa” – or perhaps ‘reefers to Salsa’ is a better way to put it.  It’s another solid example of what’s going right in a song in a style like this when it comes right down to it – you want memorable hooks, you want buzz words that the people can remember and sing or rap along with – and Real Talk The Messiah’s got both these attributes working in his favor big time on this single of his.  Proudly smokin’ some “Salsa” right there in the video for ya – I mean, Real Talk is livin’ the LIFE homies – look at this video will ya?  Dude’s out there floatin’ around in a kickass boat, somewhere in the middle of awesomeness in what’s apparently one of the most photogenic places like, EVER – he’s got weed, he’s got high-end alcohol everywhere, and ladies everywhere he could possibly look – I ain’t lyin’ to ya when I say that after what I’ve experienced with “Salsa” I’d trade lives with this dude any day!  Real Talk is clearly enjoying himself and in the zone, excelling on the mic and taking in the finer things in life along the way…take a good look & listen – now try to tell me this isn’t what life is really all about yo!  I gotta say, as a fellow cannabis connoisseur, this certainly looks like the ideal setting to chill & smoke.

Though I suppose I’ll have to make do with where I’m at for now…excuse me for…just…a…*flick*flick…moment or two here…*bubble*bubble*cough*cough…where was I again?

Right.  Real Talk.  That’s what the name promises, and I promise ya that’s what you get with this emcee.  He makes the connection to the name clear through the booming confidence in the way he attacks the bars with such a large & in-charge sound, commanding the entertainment like the boss he obviously IS.  The music & beat he’s workin’ with has colorful sound & genuine flavor to it that’ll hook you in too – but when it comes right down to it, it’s the star of the show that keeps you listening to this cut on repeat.  Real Talk The Metaphor Messiah uses intensity, rhythm, and savage verbal skills to his advantage as he moves from bar-to-bar, calling some out by name along the way even as he makes his way back to the spotlight where he belongs.  It’s more than clear that “Salsa” wasn’t just another single for Real Talk – it was a full-on statement…a return to the Rap game in top form, ready to battle it out on his way back to the top.  And with efforts like this that pay attention to every key detail from the lyrics to the visuals in the video, to his tone of voice, energy, and all-around performance…ain’t no doubt, he’s makin’ a play for the throne here with “Salsa,” revealing he’s more than capable with competing with the best out there.

So shout-outs to producer Jesse Martyr and to Motion 2 Life Films, aka M2L Films, for both lending their time & talents to assisting Real Talk The Metaphor Messiah on the song & video – all hands on deck for this single showed up for real & inarguably brought their A-game.  “Salsa” sounds great from the lefts to the rights, the editing on the video is slicker-than-slick and spectacular to watch, and of course, the emcee right in the thick of it all delivers at all times, which of course, is crucial.  Great sound & a great vid will only ever get ya so far…you need to really bring it when you get an opportunity & a set up like this, and that’s exactly what Real Talk does, 100%.  Dude bangs out a solid homerun of pure entertainment both audibly & visually with “Salsa,” owning every second on the mic and showing you right there onscreen that Real Talk The Metaphor Messiah is more ready than ever to make huge moves with his music & career with a single strong enough to be a gateway drug into the rest of his catalog.

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