RC Morton – “Thank You Girl”

 RC Morton – “Thank You Girl”

Songwriter RC Morton is looking to spread a lil’ love in tribute to his wife Dhian Ayu Ramadhani with a sweet collage of memories from their twelve years together loaded into this new video – you know we’ve got love for that kind of sentiment & sweetness here on our pages.  The song’s history itself goes back quite a way…originally written back in 1998 if the notes I’m reading at the ol’ YouTube page are correct here, and recorded by a band based out of Sacramento known as Rogue, with singer Randy Scoles providing the stellar soulful lead vocals you’ll hear.  Opportunities like this are fantastic to experience from all angles – sure it would have been incredible to have experienced this life like Ayu and RC have together – but it’s also awesome to see some of the real highlights they’ve shared together along the way and be able to see the many places they’ve been.  Clearly a lot of love to be found between these two, and there’s never a better time to celebrate that than right now, always, and forever – and with the humble & sincere anthem RC’s got put together here with his video for “Thank You Girl” – you can get yourself a solid dose of the sweetness that kept them together throughout the years.  Check it out for yourself, have a listen, laugh, love, and live your own lives like these two have been – this is beautiful stuff, and we’re more than happy to host a video like this that celebrates the special times they’ve had along the way – give “Thank You Girl” a click below!

Find out more about RC Morton at his official website at:  https://rcmorton.com

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