Ravenhall – “Straight Up”

 Ravenhall – “Straight Up”

Ravenhall – “Straight Up” – Music Video Release/Review

Straight up I want to show love.

Well right on Ravenhall – that’s a solid way to start off the new year here in January, and thank-you – we’ll take some love here on our Canadian pages from this band all the way from New Zealand.  The single “Straight Up” originally came out back in 2018, they’re still actively posting their hearts out online to this very day, and you can also find cuts like “My Love,” “Everything To Me,” and “Circus” released by this crew online as well.  Lots to listen to already, and clearly they’ve still got lots of love & music coming out in their future – Ravenhall’s off to a great start already, with positive tunes people will connect with.

Fusing the inherent sweetness of the acoustic guitar with the soulful vocals in Ravenhall, armed with the beauty in their sentiment, sound, message, and meanings behind the words of “Straight Up,” the four-piece band based out of Auckland create a powerfully sincere single & video that stands out both audibly & visually.  Teaming up with Jamie McKenzie and the talented folks at Pure Productions to make the video supporting “Straight Up” – you’ll see right there onscreen that Ravenhall found an artistic collaboration in this combination to be seriously proud of.  From the stunning visuals & scenery in the video, to the brilliant way it flows and the insightful match it all becomes with the song surrounding them onscreen – you’ve gotta admire just how smooth this entire experience comes out from what we see to what we hear, and how those two main elements complement & support each other on this cut.

Drifting between exquisite black & white scenes and absolutely jaw-dropping views of KareKare falls, the beach, and the spectacularly lush greenery of New Zealand – Ravenhall look & sound like they’ve found themselves a little slice of paradise on “Straight Up.”  As the song gets more intricate, involved, and more emotionally intense, you’ll see the scenes flow perfectly in tandem with the music, giving you an up-close view of the heart at the core of this band, in addition to the storyline of the video that flows in between shots of Ravenhall as “Straight Up” plays on.  I love that you can genuinely see that these guys have the passion for what they do right there in front of you in the video – but what I found even more impressive, is that you can hear the love in the music & in the vocals every step of the way along with it.

Definitely looking forward to the future of Ravenhall and discovering the next moves they make in this new decade we’re in.  With the authentic sincerity & heart you’ll find in this band, you can completely tell they take each move they make seriously, and give everything they’ve got to their craft & their art.  Lots to look forward to when it comes to the music of Ravenhall for sure – but for now, enjoy a look back at one of the most pivotal singles in their career so far; there’s never a bad time to get your music out there into the world, and there’s always time to spread some love – check out “Straight Up” below!

Find out more about Ravenhall at their official page at Facebook here:  https://www.facebook.com/Ravenhallband

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