Queen Nandi – “Shout Out” Feat. QBthaQB

 Queen Nandi – “Shout Out” Feat. QBthaQB

Queen Nandi – “Shout Out” Feat. QBthaQB – Music Video Post

The Queen stays Queen y’all – “Shout Out” to Queen Nandi for creating this killer cut!

One of the slickest & most stylistic video/single combinations you’re gonna witness this year without a doubt – Queen Nandi’s got the whole block rockin’ along with her, and some of the most amazing cars you’ve ever even SEEN with your own eyes onscreen for the visuals accompanying her latest song.  She is absolutely bossed up, sounding large & in-charge as this Rap/Trap collaboration gives a “Shout Out” to those that have helped her become the artist she is today – the Queen’s reign is as supreme as her vibe y’all.  With the homie QBthaQB in the mix, kickin’ things off with a heated set of bulletproof bars that are guaranteed to get you turning this track straight UP as you should be – there ain’t no denying the pure power of a track like this from the speakers to the screen…this is how you make a major impression and lasting impact on every set of eyes & ears paying attention.  I’m freakin’ STOKED to have this up on our pages and to both see & hear Queen Nandi & QBthaQB crushin’ their moment as hard as they have.

From the wildly addictive hooks, to the personalities you’ll see onscreen & hear on the m-i-c – “Shout Out” is filled with content that’s bound to blaze up the charts, and rightly so!  This is the very definition of fire y’all – so make sure to give this single a click & check out what the Queen is bringin’ to the game.  The anthem you need for 2022 every bit as much as the one you WANT to hear this year – when you hear a collaboration in full effect, it sounds exactly like what you’ll experience here  on “Shout Out” – everything clicks, and everything ends up right where it belongs from the mix to the music to the mic.  Along with a stellar video to go with it, expertly shot by Chico, Lauryn, and Brandon Kaizen Chapman – the Queen’s got everything she needs to find her way to the top this year from sight to sound, and listening to the way she & QB hit the bars & hooks with such verbal force, undeniable skill & confidence – “who wants some?”  Trust me – you ALL do…and there’s not a single one of you that’ll get enough of what you find.  “Shout Out” is entirely worth repeating and deserves to dominate the top spots on your playlist this year…the attention to detail on this cut & in this video is second to none, and absolutely proves the Queen owns the throne for plenty of good reasons.  “You ain’t cut from the cloth I was raised in” as QBthaQB will tell ya himself – and that’s a statement you can bet applies to both of these superstars…no one out there checking out “Shout Out” is gonna forget what they’ve seen & heard, and that’s exactly what you want in a single-worthy cut.  With Queen Nandi bringin’ it home for the finale in the final verse of her latest track – she’s put in the WORK & clearly she’s gettin’ the results; you KNOW that’s the truth, because you’re all music savvy folks…you just heard it & saw it all for yourself, right?

Find out more about Queen Nandi at her official pages below!

Homepage:  https://thequeennandi.com

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/YoungQueenNandi

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/therealqueennandi

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/RealQueenNandi

Find out more about QBthaQB at Instagram here:  https://www.instagram.com/ceoqbthaqb

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