Psykobilly – “Tomorrow’s Here Today”

 Psykobilly – “Tomorrow’s Here Today”

Psykobilly – “Tomorrow’s Here Today” – Single Review

Always great to hear from you Psykobilly!

I will be the first to admit, “Tomorrow’s Here Today” sounds fantastic as far as the production is concerned.  As far as Psykobilly goes overall, I’d say that’s been an aspect of the band’s sound that has shown continual improvement from the time I started listening back in 2020.  You can always tell what the priorities are in any given artist’s or band’s music if you’re paying attention, and it’s definitely no secret to me that production has been important to Psykobilly from day one.  That being said, of course, you can have the world’s best production…but it still wouldn’t be the advantage that would make the difference if the material didn’t rise up to the same level of excellence, known what I mean?  Fortunately, Psykobilly’s usually pretty reliable on that end as well; we’ve had our peaks and valleys like anyone tends to experience in the course of a career, but for the most part, I’ve sided with what this band creates and I’ve had no real issues finding my way into the music they make.  There are still a whole ton of songs from their debut album Patron Saint Of Nothing that I spin to this very day, and even purchased the record from a Bandcamp Friday back in 2021 before I played them on the SBS Podcast.  I know, I know, I know…a music critic, actually putting some dough back into the community?  Don’t we get everything we listen to for free?

LOL!  Nope.  We’re people, just like you.

“Tomorrow’s Here Today” is a good song, and a solid hybrid when it comes right down to it.  You’d probably be surprised by its DNA when it comes right down to it…there’s just as much in common with something like The Carpenters in this track as there would be anything you’d have heard by Psykobilly.  To me, that’s actually really cool.  There’s no doubt that it’s still a Psykobilly track at the heart of it all, but the twist of old-school melody & nearly adult contemporary/soulful R&B vibes on this track takes the light-Rock of their sound and morphs it into something more.  Like, if you could imagine what a song sounds like when it’s covered with a shimmering gloss or glitter, you’d get something dreamy like this.  It might not be the first candidate you’ll think of when you’re considering what’s relatable to what’s out there on the airwaves right now, but I don’t ever really think that’s been the intentions of Psykobilly or why they choose to do what they do.  They’re the alternative’s alternative…and ultimately, there’s value in that.  “Tomorrow’s Here Today” reminds me much more of the past than it does the present; it’s almost like a song you could imagine a young Marty McFly jamming out to at the Enchantment Under The Sea dance.  As I tell ya all the time though, there’s always an audience for everything in this music scene we share, it’s just a matter of finding it.  Psykobilly should have no problem finding people to listen when the time comes on May 12th this year and “Tomorrow’s Here Today” gets its official release – it’s pleasant, inviting, charming, and yes, it sounds good!  It’s one of singer Bill Newton’s most vivid and realized performances that also reveals how far he’s grown in his own evolution as a singer, he’s got the remarkable backup we know & love provided by the incredible Izzy Sorrell, and the rest taken care of by Caretakerstudios and Phil Sorrell’s talents at the helm of the instrumentation and production.  All the right ingredients are there, it’s just a matter of whether or not the song itself will appeal to you fine folks listening out there and your personal taste.  As always, the best you can ever do is to do right by yourselves as artists…if you do that, like Psykobilly has done here, you put yourself in the conversation and give every song you make a genuine chance at finding the ears that you’re looking for.  To me, this single has a wonderfully gentle sway to go along with the bold definition of its vocals, harmonies, and sound…that was more than enough to get me onboard.  For others, they might feel like “Tomorrow’s Here Today” sounds good, but is still searching for a real hook to bring’em back for that next couple of spins.  For some, they might feel like the whole song IS the hook, because it’s that different from the rest of what’s out there right now, and that could very well be more than enough to keep’em listening.  There’s no real right or wrong way to feel about the music we listen to, and that of course applies here as well.  I enjoy the quality of the production, I think the performances are spot-on, and I appreciate that “Tomorrow’s Here Today” offers us something unique from so much of what’s out there right now.  I don’t know that it’s going to be the breakthrough of all breakthroughs for Psykobilly as a band, but there are certainly plenty of positives for them to continue to build on, and they’ve put in a performance that they should be proud of from both sides of the studio boards.  Regardless of whether or not this single goes on to be the biggest hit in their catalog, it’s great to have’em back in action where they belong.

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