Project Pronin – “Release Me” Featuring Nicole Carino

 Project Pronin – “Release Me” Featuring Nicole Carino

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Project Pronin Collaborates With Singer Nicole Carino On Brand-New Single “Release Me” – Out Now!

In a year filled with personally creative milestones and sensory sonic adventures that have detailed the true depths & dimensions of Project Pronin through stunning new singles released all throughout 2019, artist Yan Pronin is back with one of his most powerfully evocative & thought-provoking cuts to-date.  In the heavily atmospheric & dark melodic vein of songs like “Street Spirit” by Radiohead and “Blackstar” by David Bowie – Project Pronin’s latest song “Release Me” is as captivating and mesmerizing, hypnotic and smoldering as music can potentially be.  Revealing a remarkable combination of emotional strength and professional execution, Yan’s songwriting & vision for Project Pronin reach new heights through the audibly gripping, slow-burning intensity of “Release Me” & confirm he’s been on the right path all along.

Featuring the breathtaking vocals of singer Nicole Carino alongside Yan in collaboration, together they create an enchanting, chilling, and outright haunting song that’s designed to cling hard to your very soul.  Boldly expressive and daring, “Release Me” appears calm, controlled, and serene upon the surface; but when listeners dive right into the impressive layers, lyrics, and sound of Project Pronin’s new single, they are bound to discover an involved & intricate experience that’s every bit as compelling & relatable as it is blissfully surreal.  Stocked full of colorfully vibrant guitar tones & subtly epic instrumentation, “Release Me” crawls along carefully like a cautionary tale, ensuring that every note & every word have the impact of the song’s full weight displayed in a radiant array of emotionally complex & artistically inspired sound.

Utilizing the space, pace, and grace employed by Pink Floyd in their other-worldly prime, “Release Me” is authentically exploratory in both style & concept.  Amidst a stark yearning & plea for freedom from the mind’s darkest thoughts and a relentless questioning of the reality surrounding him, Yan delves into existential themes in a sincere effort to expose highly relatable thoughts & feelings so many of us share.  Poised & poignant, Yan’s deep vocals and symbolic lyricism provides an exceptional contrast in tandem with the angelic & soaring tones provided by the appearance of guest-star Nicole Carino.  As expressive through the stark imagery in the words as it is through the insightfully moving composition of the music, “Release Me” shines the spotlight on the fragility of our innermost desires, taking listeners on a unique journey into the mind’s eye to examine the raw strength of the commitments and connections we make.

Firmly establishing the significance of art & music as one, together Nicole and Yan put their collective talents to use for the greater good of us all, dosing our speakers with space-like sound, ethereal vocals, and themes that resonate right at our core.  “Release Me” reaches into the beyond for answers & hope, while brilliantly revealing that the answers we’re seeking are the ones we’ve had inside of us all along.

Out & available online worldwide now – don’t miss out on Project Pronin’s latest single “Release Me” – not only is it another highlight song in Yan’s growing catalog, it documents the authentic evolution in his sound and style in addition to displaying the majestic magnificence in his music at its absolute finest.  Join Project Pronin on a journey to the heart & soul of what bonds us together and what could break us apart forever – “Release Me” is an extraordinary experience designed to move the mind, body, and soul.

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