Pras_Legion – “Doxy”

 Pras_Legion – “Doxy”

Pras_Legion – “Doxy” – Music Video Post

Give you nothing but truth when I’m rhymin’ – the wheels never fell off, I’m still ridin.’

That’s actually a quote off of a different cut called “9248” from the debut Pras_Legion record – what else can I say other than the experience with “Doxy” had me immediately clickin’ on the EP to find out what else this legend in the making had goin’ on in the set?  If that ain’t the sign of Pras_Legion’s ability to instantly generate major interest in his music, I don’t know what else could be!  I heard “Doxy” for the first time, heard the charisma on the mic & then saw it happening for myself visually onscreen in the video supporting it…and I’m not sure how else I could put it other than just to flat out say I knew I’d be a fan from the first syllables this man spit.  Pras_Legion completely dominates microphones with confidence and bars that carry serious weight & substance to’em – honestly, I think any set of functioning ears could hear it.  Plus the man knows his ball too…I’ve heard him shout-out Trae Young and Damian Lillard throughout the course of listening to his new album, and that always gets bonus points from me…especially as we’re heading into playoff territory right quick around the corner.

Recognize the skills at work y’all!  We’re talking about a track that’s less than ninety-seconds in total length, and if you’re ANY kind of fan of REAL Rap & Hip-Hop like you say that you are, there’s no way on earth you wouldn’t be just as stoked about what you see & what you hear from Pras_Legion as I am.  “Doxy” is the audible definition of the perfect gateway into the man’s music, and just like a great single should, it instantly had me listening to the record of the Doxy record in-full.  The vid directed by QueueTheVisuals is equally stellar – everything happens quickly from sight to sound, but there’s no doubt he makes an entirely memorable impact on ya as Pras brings his wildly enticing combination of verbal swagger, style & skill to “Doxy,” and his natural star-power to the screen.  I’m tellin’ ya – what you’ll witness is RARE – to put this much of the X-factor on display in such a short timeframe speaks volumes on behalf of just how talented Pras_Legion really is – don’t take my word for it, click on that video above and check it all out for yourself, you’ll see & hear I’m speakin’ nothing but the truth, just like the man himself.  He delivers “dope – on time” – and that’s what’s real – “if you want smoke you’re better off sharin’ a vape” – Pras_Legion is building a bulletproof legacy where he can proudly stand behind every word he’s spittin’ into the m-i-c, with all the confidence & conviction of an artist that knows he can make the right moves that stack up straight to success.  From what it looks like online, he’s been rockin’ his rhymes for a couple years or so professionally now – the Doxy EP was released last year, and if the seven songs on it & this video for “Doxy” are any indication of the quality, commitment, and skills we can expect to find from Pras_Legion…this man is goin’ right to #1.

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