Prada Jones & Easz – “Different”

 Prada Jones & Easz – “Different”

Prada Jones & Easz – “Different” – Music Video Release/Review

We on a mission.

Hellz yeah they are – destination to the top of the charts as well homies.

Coming to you direct from Move Money Entertainment, we’ve got the latest cut & collaboration between Prada Jones & Easz on the m-i-c blasting-out & broadcastin’ to ya in all forms on our pages today.  If you just checked out the video for yourself, along with additional thoughts on what’s up here on “Different” by watching the latest episode of our show SBS Live This Week – word UP & welcome – or if you’re just savvy enough to check out what’s up & new on our pages, hell, you’re just as welcome too.

Or if you’ve been anticipating the drop of this video on our pages after checking out the song on the SBS Podcast – you get the gold star for being way ahead of the rest of the pack.  If you’ve been caught sleepin’ – it’s time to catch you up – check this OUT y’all!

Ain’t nothing out of place here at all yo – Prada & Easz slay the bars of “Different” and make their presence known on the mic with confident flow, precision finesse, and bold hooks that can’t possibly be ignored.  Combined with the talent they’ve both clearly got, the strength of the writing, the all-out seriousness of the vibe & their tone of voice – “Different” gets fully gritty, with both emcees flexing verbal supremacy & putting in a performance that’ll leave no doubt about the fact they stand behind every single word they say.  You add in the killer video they’ve put together to support this cut, and it’s pretty much game over for the rest out there – Prada Jones & Easz rise above the rest with this single.  Main ingredients are all there for ya onscreen…the stars of the show definitely get a chance to do their thang & reveal the X-factor they’ve got as entertainers all-around as they pass the mic & work the bars on “Different” – making the most of their individual moments and backing each other up along the way.

The work & the effort has been put IN folks, no doubt about it whatsoever.  You’ve heard me hype up the cut on our shows by now but facts are facts – this goes beyond the hype and leads to a completely solid experience all around.  The commitment, the focus, the style, the swagger – it’s all there and it all stacks up big-time when it comes to what pulls you in to the entire vibe, hooks, and visuals that come along with this single & video.  There are plenty of highlight moments along the way – too many to count really…like I’ve mentioned, this becomes a full-on cinematic experience all-around, Prada & Easz got this video for “Different” flowin’ like their own mini-movie yo!  Shout out to Rock Davis for the direction – everything from the filming to the editing has this song moving perfectly in the rhythm & flow, complementing the words & performances put in by Easz on the opening bars & Prada bringin’ it home at the end perfectly, complete with a mid-section break into the thick of the story, which of course, you can only cop on the video-version of “Different” – so make sure you do that & get more out of this single.  I mean damn y’all – the effort they’ve put in damn-well deserves a click or two, so do that!  Incidentally, that mid-section breakdown is one of the highlights in the video that’ll make you recognize there are more than two real bosses onscreen in this video; while the cops are busy hunting down Prada & Easz, they run into a Queen at their crib that is hard as it GETS.  WHY it’s a highlight, to me, goes beyond that – look at how she reacts…or more accurately, doesn’t react…to the sight of a whole bunch of rando Rambos charging in with fully loaded weapons all over the place.  And I’ll be damned if that straight-up boss-mode in-control ice-queen look in her eyes STILL ain’t the scariest thing in the room – she is NOT to be trifled with y’all, I’m tellin’ ya.

You can’t lose on this cut though, no matter where you listen or look – production, mix & sound are spectacular with huge low-end beef amping-up the menace in this vibe.  Easz slays his bars with style & slickness, Prada makes sure that his verse is equally locked-down with gritty, raw, & real finesse as well…they’ve a storyline video that’ll keep ya fully entertained…and there’s serious personality & INTENSE charisma on the mic shared between these two highly capable emcees.  “Different” is a cut that’ll drop your jaw to marvel at the skill, rhythm, and flow on display – you can hear it!  And it also just so happens to have a video that shows the commitment to excellence in the execution is all-quality, all-day when it comes to any moves that Prada & Easz are making from the screen to your speakers, straight-up.  This is undeniably pro-level stuff & full-proof that these two emcees are crushin’ it in 2019.

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