Planet Walkers – Resolutions

 Planet Walkers – Resolutions

Planet Walkers – Resolutions – EP Review

You want a good reason to like this EP? I can give you over 9000.

Assuming that the picture on the soundcloud page of Planet Walkers has some bearing on the music and atmosphere, well, they’ll know what that’s all about…for the rest of you that don’t; you can rest assured that I mean they’ve done good things here on the Resolutions EP.

It all starts with a vocal sample as creepy as an all-too vivid nightmare before nearly halfway through this short opening track kicks in to a dubstep rhythm in a tin-can. It’s a completely interesting track production-wise…the tin-sound of the electro doesn’t seem to make the track feel like it lacks any low-end – it works and with an ear-catching sound you can’t get enough of. It’s an interesting switch right off the drop in this opener, “Sand Man,” but one that certainly grabs your attention early.

Short & sweet seems to be the name of the game here…but you GOTTA love track two if you’re a South Park fan like me. NO ONE out there is going to believe this, but I actually have the same samples that Planet Walkers use from this episode as my ringtone for several of my friends. Why? Cause it’s FUNNY as hell…and this kind of experimental electronic music is exactly where I came from; it’s just that Planet Walkers seem to have way more skill and make it all come together like, a lot better than I ever did. “Jerbs” gets a thumbs-up from me for bringing humor to the electro genre inside a tight groove.

“In Tha Kitchen Twitchin’” might be one of the more in-your-face electro grooves on this track, but again, listen to the assembly here…what’s happening in behind the main electro-line…that’s the sound of Planet Walkers kicking all kinds of ass as they fill in all the gaps and leave no beat unfulfilled. “Wee Dem” is more on the bizarre side of electro for most; but there’s a lot of people that can definitely appreciate being able to make the electronics talk like this. Set against a subtle groove, a nice classy jazzy background, the main electro vibe pulses along like a virtual voice, creating one of the more unique tracks you’ll hear in this set of five.

“Pogo Arena,” the longest track on the EP samples…hmm…sounds from Super Mario I think? I’m not quite sure which of the games it comes from, but there’s a distinct video-game element that runs deep through this track as Planet Walkers cut up synth in explosive and dynamic ways. Did the ‘jump-noise’ work for me…I don’t know to tell you the truth. Planet Walkers could be one of two things in my books; with one being new to it all and testing out the waters through added humor, or of course the humor and playful elements in the music might very well go on to become a staple of their sound.

What I CAN tell you…is that I hear some truly innovative electro here…and if it is intended to become a part of their sound, so be it. I’d be cool with that too cause I like what I’m hearing here on the Resolutions EP. That being said…were this group to go the ‘ultra-serious & dark’ route in electro music…I’d say watch the fuck out cause these guys pack a stiff electro punch, demonstrate killer assembly skills and seem to easily create dank atmospheres. There’s a lot going on here and I think there will be a lot more to come from the future of this innovative electro project…all coming to us from the mind of one man, Storm Kaepp. For one guy, there’s an absolute ton of sound here and shows a real strength in production.

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