PK – “I Think The Asphalt Hates Me”

 PK – “I Think The Asphalt Hates Me”

This guy!  Melodic bars for days!

Artist PK makes the maximum amount of magic happen on the m-i-c within the shortest of spaces on his new single “I Think The Asphalt Hates Me” – it’s just 1:35 long, but it absolutely makes a memorable impact with every second it has.  All the way from Estonia to our Canadian-based pages on the internet, it’s always awesome to see & hear what’s happenin’ on the other side of the globe – and if this cut from PK is what it sounds like over there where he’s livin’ then I’m thinkin’ about packin’ my bags to join him, no doubt about it.  “I Think The Asphalt Hates Me” is loaded up with emotion, tone, sincerity, and the kind of genuine delivery from the main star of the show that confirms to each & every one of our ears that the songs he’s writing come from his own authentic thoughts & feelings.  He’s put himself right into his material, and as a result, it easily connects to the hearts & minds of those listening out there – it’s perfectly catchy, relentlessly addictive, and full of single-worthy style & sound that’s highly relevant for what’s happening in the music-scene right now.

The new single “I Think The Asphalt Hates Me” comes from the upcoming album Dress Sexy At My Funeral, coming out officially on June 22nd this year – make sure you stay up to-date on the details and find out more by visiting PK’s page at Facebook here:

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