Pioneer – “Hamma No Jamma”

 Pioneer – “Hamma No Jamma”

Pioneer – “Hamma No Jamma” – Single Review

Dig this guy.  Was just earlier this week that we were checking out another one of Pioneer’s singles called “Dinero” and got ourselves a taste of what this emcee is bringing to the mic.  It was definitely impressive…you could hear that Pioneer had the charisma & energy to hit the bars hard & deliver the entertainment we were looking for…but this cut…THIS…I mean damn!  This confirms how cool this guy is, no doubt about it.  Where I was already diggin’ on the Pioneer style & sound flexed on “Dinero” – it was also a straight-up concept that was lined with recognizable references most people could catch onto.  Do I know what the hell Pioneer is talking about with “Hamma No Jamma?”  Of course not!  I’m way too damn old to have any idea of what anything cool is really all about at this point though – so it’s on me, not on the artist in question.  All I know is what sounds killer – and this qualifies, absolutely.

Does anyone out there know what “Hamma No Jamma” is really all about?  Not the song itself…you’ll get an idea of what’s up as Pioneer transitions between rappin’ about wild times inside & outside of the sheets soon enough – I’m talking about the line specifically…and I’m also wondering if it ultimately matters!  Because here’s my theory…I’m thinkin’ Pioneer is gettin’ his own anthem, his own buzz-words, and a seriously signature hook that people will recognize for its identity compared to the rest of what’s out there.  Does “Hamma No Jamma” have a massively deep meaning to it?  Probably not!  Does it need one?  Hellllllllllll no!  The facts are, at least from what I can tell, Pioneer is playing this cut seriously smart by working with a rhythmic Trap-influenced style of flow…he’s using these words for their phonetics, and he’s using the sound of these words to his advantage, 100%.  You’ll dig on the stylistic & slick performance he puts into the verse and the speed when he fires it up as well – but as cool as any one element may be from the minimalist beat to the low-end dynamics sparking up to thicken the mix, it’s always going to be the star of the show that’s got your attention.  “Hamma No Jamma” is audible confirmation that the entertainment-factor is strong with this one – Pioneer is straight-up electrifying in the way he moves through his new single; and with so few ingredients in the music, you really get a strong sample of just how essential the vocal-rhythms he creates contribute to & carry the song when required.  A great beat is always a solid thing to have – and this cut produced by Randem Word certainly hits the spot – all I’m saying is that, there’s so much space in the mix here that you really get to hear Pioneer own the spotlight & microphone with confidence, precision, and remarkable professionalism.

Dude might get wild on the mic when it calls for it – but make no mistake, he’s got it all under control.  Whether or not you fully understand what the heck he’s talkin’ about with “Hamma No Jamma” or not – there’s like, next to no doubt that this hook he’s written & rapped-out to perfection WILL work its magic on ya.  It’s got that BOUNCE…it’s got that SPARK…Pioneer has got the JUICE – and as a result, he’s got all angles of this single-worthy tune locked down – “Hamma No Jamma” practically jumps from your speakers…for as minimal it is, this is one seriously LIVELY cut that puts the personality of this emcee straight into the spotlight.  I can probably count on one finger how many times I’ve found a song that would include the lyrics of “beep, beep, beep” at some point in the vocals and liked it at all – and this would be that cut.  I ain’t gonna lie, I got fully right into this track, beeps & all…I mean…whatcha gonna DO?  “Hamma No Jamma” is pretty much ALL HOOKS from the moment it kicks in the moment it’s done!  Pioneer knows we’re all helpless against a cut as catchy as this…”Hamma No Jamma” is likely to get stuck in your head for days…and the moment it stops, you’re bound to reach for this again right away.

Definitely an emcee on my radar – Pioneer clearly puts himself all-in when it comes time to perform.  I don’t need to know what every word means…especially when it all sounds this good anyway!  I’m sure most of you out there will feel the same…this dude knows exactly how to entertain & bring passion, charisma, & character straight to the mic with resounding confidence…that’s gonna resonate with the people out there yo – and for all the right reasons.  Keep on crushin’ it Pioneer – 2019 is your year bro.

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