Pilade Fanfani – “Fai Luce”

 Pilade Fanfani – “Fai Luce”

Go on now brother, be beautiful – we got your back here at sleepingbagstudios and we’re cheerin’ ya on!

If you’re looking for a serious dose of personality in your music and a radiant sound to go along with it, look no further than this band based out of Italy right here, Pilade Fanfani – to say that they’re having a little bit of fun in making this new single & video for Fai Luce would qualify as the understatement of the year!  Everything about “Fai Luce” has a celebratory spirit to it, and between the song & video, Pilade Fanfani is guaranteed to get ya havin’ some fun one way or the other – or better yet, both!  I’d also like it noted that the dude starring in this video for “Fai Luce” brought the man-dress back to the mainstream about a full two weeks before Kid Cudi busted out his on Saturday Night Live…so make no mistake y’all, this band has already proven to be ahead of its time.  You’ll see what I’m saying when you experience “Fai Luce” for yourself – you’d have to be made of pure stone to not find yourself having some serious fun with Pilade Fanfani here on this single – it’s not only incredibly well performed & played, but it really does pump out undeniable good times for all from the speakers to the screens.  The lights are shining bright here on this single, the colors are dazzling, the main star of the show is spectacular onscreen – and all-in-all, they’ve got a combination from sight to sound that works incredibly well in their favor, inviting the world in to a zany experience that we can’t help but enjoy, and turn straight up.  Check out the brand-new single & video by Pilade Fanfani and click on “Fai Luce” below!

Find out more about Pilade Fanfani from the official page at Facebook here:  https://www.facebook.com/Pilademusic

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