Phil Mitchell Band – “Across The Danube”

 Phil Mitchell Band – “Across The Danube”

Phil Mitchell Band – “Across The Danube” – Music Video Post

The Ukraine has been at war for over 7 years.  When you cross the Danube River, you either make it across to the shore or you reach the impeding end.

If that quote isn’t a genuine reminder to many of us about the privileged life we’re likely living safe on the couches of our living rooms, whiling away the hours watching Netflix…I don’t know what else could be.  Some folks have it extraordinarily tough out there, and “Across The Danube” is an exploratory journey in sound that takes you on that adventure though perspective, purpose, and passion combined.  Featuring the sensational vocals of Natasha Shayenne, and a spectacular performance from the Phil Mitchell Band altogether – this collaboration of talent has led directly to powerful, inspiring art & music – “Across The Danube” is an authentically sensory experience that is stunningly well-played & brilliantly composed.  From the melancholy vibes of the piano, to the resilient spirit in the vibrant guitar solos, to the spellbinding vocals from Natasha, to the precision in the drums & rhythm section, together they create a compelling journey from one side of the river to the other, daring to tempt fate and reflecting that through the extraordinary level of tension in the song’s first half, before echoing the peace found after the crossing is revealed through the serenity & beauty of the music as “Across The Danube” plays on.  Powerfully evocative, Phil Mitchell Band transitions with professionalism and displays a seriously bold style of songwriting on this new single that’s guaranteed to resonate within the hearts and minds of those out there listening from all around the world to this fascinating & epic tale told through music.

From the skillful instrumentation and the intricate complexities that create such engaging & interesting sound to listen to – Phil Mitchell Band’s “Across The Danube” is a shining example of how music is able to transport us from where we are, to somewhere else entirely through the cleverness of songwriting.  Right around the 2:30 mark, you’ll feel that shift in the sound of “Across The Danube” reach straight into the light from the darkness, and burst open with radiantly uplifting vibes, colorful music, and wild solos.  A highly expressive song that gets right to the heart of our interests through a story of life at its most intense & extreme – “Across The Danube” is a breathtakingly real experience & bold emotional odyssey.

“Across The Danube” comes from the Phil Mitchell Band’s latest album, Chicago Holiday – find out more from the official website at:

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