Phil Cooper – “Shake It Up”

 Phil Cooper – “Shake It Up”

The merry minstrel is back at it – singer/songwriter Phil Cooper is back with his latest single/video for “Shake It Up” – and now the whole world is PHILLING up!

According to the dictionary:




  1.  To take your music straight to the people and get them in on the fun.
  2.  To get right into the groove.  (see: to Phil)

Example 1:  “I was totally Philling to a fantastic tune called ‘Shake It Up.'”

Example 2:  “That new song ‘Shake It Up’ was so good I started Philling right out.”

We swear…that’s pulled right out of Merriam-Webster’s latest edition…maybe.  We think the definition & examples apply here – have a click below on Phil Cooper’s new music video, watch him roam the streets playing “Shake It Up” and meet a bunch of wonderful people along the way to join in on the good times with him!

Find out more about Phil Cooper from his official homepage here:

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