Perry Ripley – “Rain In My Eyes”

 Perry Ripley – “Rain In My Eyes”

With a slow-burning sound, singer/songwriter Perry Ripley dives deep into the pain on his latest single, “Rain In My Eyes” from his new EP called Set Fire To The Roses, which is out & available now.  Shifting through a thunderstorm of moodiness in the music and the blurry mix of emotion & energy in his vocals, Ripley sinks right into the vibe of the dark atmosphere surrounding him throughout “Rain In My Eyes,” creating multiple hooks through both the verse & chorus that bubble up to the surface & into the light.  With a remarkable recording that captures key sounds like thunderclaps and bells ringing alongside the beat & low-end rhythm, Perry’s got everything working strongly in his favor throughout this single, even as he’s facing personal disaster through the lyrics & imagery he’s singing about.  Life & love ain’t an easy game to play…many of us out there are more than familiar with at least giving it our best shot…and even with the full efforts of our hearts and minds in an attempt to make it work – it’s far beyond our control…sometimes it lasts a night, sometimes a lifetime.  You’ll see Perry grapple with it all onscreen in the new black & white vid he’s got supporting “Rain In My Eyes” – the visuals definitely enhance the meaning behind his words and get to the core of what he’s looking to communicate with y’all out there in this expressive new cut from the Set Fire To The Roses EP – check it out for yourself below!

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