Pernille Wensel – “Burn”

 Pernille Wensel – “Burn”

Pernille Wensel – “Burn” – Single Review

I wish I had the kind talent Pernille Wensel has now at the age of forty, never mind how awesome it would have been to have had it at the age of eighteen, which is how old this young artist from Norway is right now.  There are some really amazing names coming up the scene right now representing the young ladies of tomorrow’s future superstardom at the forefront of the scene…artists like Trynket, Olga Solar, PRINS, Annie DiRusso, Eiza Murphy, and certainly Wensel can be put onto that list – these are incredible talents and strong personalities that are all setting themselves up for a fantastic next decade ahead.  Pernille, even as early on into her career as she is, has the undeniable X-factor that sets her apart…the confidence, powerful range, and control she has is already well beyond her years on earth – and a single like “Burn” is pretty much all any set of ears would ever need to hear to know she’s got a superhuman amount of skill for someone her age.

“Burn” isn’t just catchy and extremely well-crafted for the Pop genre – but it’s also stunningly insightful for an artist of Wensel’s age.  Taking a deep dive into what makes love as intense and insatiable as it can be, and the lengths we’ll go to keep it, “Burn” tells the tale of two lovers that are willing to sacrifice anything & everything to be with each other – and you gotta love that, that’s beautiful sentiment right there for sure; and if you’ve ever been in love that intense yourself, you’ll certainly be able to relate.  You’ll hear this theme come roaring to life in the energetic burst of melody that flows through the hooks you hear early on in “Burn” as Pernille sings “she would set the world on fire just for him, for her he would commit every single sin” – again, if you’ve been there, if you’ve felt love that real before, you know in your heart that’s a brilliant description of exactly what it feels like at the peak of its intensity.  You’ll follow this story of how life tries to keep the two apart, yet the power of love continues to bring them back together – and when you listen to the passionate feelings that Wensel describes, of course it makes perfect sense.  I’d imagine there are many of you out there that would do anything for love, and that the majority of you would never let anything get in the way of stopping you from pursuing your dreams…you combine those two things into one, and that’s essentially the storyline that you’re listening to here on “Burn.”  Lovers, bound together through the strength of that love, with absolutely nothing on earth that could ever tear these two souls apart – passion that genuinely becomes hot enough to “Burn” the world down, or anything/everything in between them that might prevent them being together.  It’s a very mutually reciprocated love, as you can tell by the quote – both of the parties involved are clearly into each other, and there’s nothing that will ever stop them from finding their way back to each other.

It’s heroic, it’s romantic, it’s vibrant – and it’s got a genuine superstar in the making with Pernille at the helm, confidently beaming out massive notes with the confidence of a true veteran that’s already in the middle of their career – which is actually all-out astonishing considering he’s still only eighteen!  I’ll fully admit – for me, “Burn” was actually all about the verses – I like the chorus, and I acknowledge the hooks work – but it was the technique and tone that Wensel sings with through the verses was something else to experience altogether, and a genuine treat to listen to witness her thriving so early on into her career.  With colorful music that’s perfectly produced surrounding her, a standout personality and a voice that can clearly carry an entire song without question – Pernille’s got all the hallmarks of an artist that stands every chance of going the distance all the way to the top of the charts with a full career she be proud of.  All she’s gotta do from here, is exactly what she’s doing already – she’s put everything she’s got into her performance on “Burn,” holding nothing back when the studio light came on and it was time to record – there’s every reason to assume that’s just who she is as an artist, and of course, like anyone this early on into their career, Pernille will just go on to get better & better as time & experience work their magic even more.  She’s clearly got the work ethic – this past year alone has seen her release a whole bunch of new singles and her Heavenly Things EP – and she’s clearly got the sound, the talent, and the passion it takes to stand out.  All things considered & combined – Wensel’s got an extremely bright future coming.

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