Pauline Frechette – “Come Away With Me”

 Pauline Frechette – “Come Away With Me”

Pauline Frechette – “Come Away With Me” – Single Review

A new collaboration from music-arranger David Campbell and singer/songwriter/performer Pauline Frechette – a combination of talents we’ve featured on our pages multiple times over the past couple years.  “Come Away With Me” is a highly-expressive composition that shines a light on some of the more theatrical & dramatic-side of Frechette’s growing catalog of songs and another single that showcases what a versatile performer & entertainer she’s become from her experience & time in music.

While the ‘theatrical & dramatic’ is usually not something suited to my own personal taste, I can still appreciate it for what it is – especially when the music is as enchanting as it comes through here on “Come Away With Me.”  There’s a beautiful blending of strings and piano combining to create a truly stunning and attention-grabbing atmosphere.  The theatrical nature of the song really presents itself with strength…”Come Away With Me” sounds as if it were a song right out of a high-end musical production or Broadway-show of some sort.  I liked how this particular song moved at a slow & sleek pace yet really possessed a magical atmosphere that kept each moment impressive to listen to.

Frechette’s vocals go pretty high-up towards the end of her scale & range…at times, maybe lower-tones from her register might have actually suited a few spots more cohesively along the way but overall the performance is another solid one from what we’ve come to regard as a reliable artist when it comes to the passion in her professional approach.  I think while some of those notes might have ended up sounding like she’s stretching right to her very limits to reach the right notes – first of all she does; and secondly I think you have to regard this particular tune in her catalog as one that truly is more performance-based.  “Come Away With Me” is a composition comprised of musical-expression and art…and as such, what we hear gets more leeway in that sense.  Overall she’s got a fantastic curious-sound to her voice and hits some very beautiful notes along the way as she sings through a lyrically-interesting narrative and storyline within the song.

Somewhere out there…is a production or theatre-company that is going to snatch these two up one day.  You can hear through the versatile movement in the writing and performance of “Come Away With Me” that an atmosphere like this or compositions like these could benefit many productions out there.  Whether it’s the sincerity & emotion in the music we hear or the imagination & imagery in the words – “Come Away With Me” highlights the dramatic-side of music that finds its way into a great many of the facets of our lives.  Like where’s Disney?  Pauline would be perfect for so much of what they do and potentially find a great home for songs like “Come Away With Me” in soundtracks to heighten the emotions in the visuals.  If anything…I suppose that’s a factor to consider as well, though I don’t know exactly yet what it would lead to…but I do picture a song like “Come Away With Me” as having a visual accompaniment of some sort.  Almost like it’s audibly half of a full-package; the song is satisfying but it does sound almost as if it’s intended to become a part of something larger like a full-on theatre-play.

I like the lyrics, I like the atmosphere…I think the performance has artistic-merit and the arrangement flows beautifully.  “Come Away With Me” moves slowly but stunningly…haunting, melodic & even somewhat mystical…Pauline’s put out another charming single here that has real character.

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