Pauline Frechette – “A Quiet Walk In The Snow”

 Pauline Frechette – “A Quiet Walk In The Snow”

Pauline Frechette – “A Quiet Walk In The Snow” – Single Review

Continuing on a path that seems to always find a way to impress – Pauline Frechette is back with an extraordinary new instrumental song called “A Quiet Walk In The Snow.”  Arranged by David Campbell – you’ve got to admire the astonishing amount of emotion that this composition packs into its less-than two minutes of total runtime…it’s quite an achievement and absolutely captivating beyond words.

“A Quiet Walk In The Snow” is a sweet-meets-melancholy atmosphere that has incredible orchestral textures and beautiful movements that really manage to make an impact in such a small amount of time.  Quite honestly, I found this new song of Pauline’s about as breathtaking as it truly gets…the stunning composition and the sheer authentic passion in which its played with provide a truly unforgettable moment in time here.  I love songs like this that allow the mind to wander and still absorb every moment…it’s atmospheres like this that truly surround, envelop and take you right into their world.  Would I want this song on in my headphones whilst walking out into the first snowfall of the season?  YES.  Massively enthusiastic yes…this would make for the most beautiful soundtrack as you walked out to leave those first footprints in the snow on your way to adventure.

From the writing to melody to execution, production and performance – there’s absolutely nothing to complain about here.  Pauline’s music has always had the ability to really capture the emotion…I’ve enjoyed it in the past thoroughly…but THIS…this is a true stunner.  Everything about each movement in the music in its tones and how it glides from note to note is a serious pleasure to listen to.  There’s emotion…passion…even a hint of mystery in the music that really gets well drawn-out & explored through the performance on “A Quiet Walk In The Snow.”

While its overall sound might be more towards the traditional-side of orchestral/classical-music…I still think songs like this have a massive place in our modern-day.  I don’t think really – it’s a fact.  You can certainly find songs like “A Quiet Walk In The Snow” all throughout soundtracks and strengthening what we seen in onscreen visuals from everything like nature-shows to full-on movies.  Pauline’s music could fit in so many places as a general rule – but this song provides even further exception; not only could it fit into many places and types of media – you WANT it to!  At the very least, I’m speaking for myself of behalf of many others out there as a reviewer…and I can tell you whole-heartedly I could listen to this song all day long for months on end.  The delicate balance of sweetness, mystery and melancholy are beautifully explored on “A Quiet Walk In The Snow” in ways that practically stop time around you.

It would be false for me to say I don’t expect quality when it comes to Pauline Frechette’s music…but it would be an even bigger lie to say she hasn’t exceeded my every expectation here with this stunning tune.  She absolutely has.  Delivering fully on the stunning grace and delicate atmosphere created in the arrangement of David Campbell – you can’t ask for a song that better highlights the experience of sound and the human connection as this one does.  Absolutely beautiful at every turn…it truly has that extraordinary balance that makes the sad sound just as powerful as the happier parts of the melody…and while each sound you’ll hear is certainly captivating – what you’ll notice is that what you really hear is the delicate grace, focus and precision of a seriously powerful and emotional performance.  Stunning and unforgettable…entirely beautiful and truly breathtaking.

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