Partee – “222”

 Partee – “222”

Sound like Partee is definitely onto something wild with the brand-new single “222” coming out this month – and we’re here this morning to hit you up with a sample size of what’s coming atcha in September 2020.  Like a trailer for a brand-new movie, it’s up to us to decipher what we see & make a few assumptions about what we hear – but you’ll find in just over forty-seconds worth of promo, there’s a lot to uncover.  First of all, skill is something you can always hear when it’s there – and clearly through the combination of soulful hooks and dynamic bars, you can instantly tell that Partee has the quality in-check and the talent required to make a memorable impression with this sample of “222.”  Visually spending time between the crib & the studio, Partee’s upcoming video looks sharp as well…and between those two main aspects alone, you can tell that “222” has all the advantages it’s gonna need to succeed out there & provides that audio/visual enticement you wanna see & hear to get you excited about the full release of this single coming soon.  Check out what’s up with “222” below yo!

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