Parsa Sleighter – Soundcloud Singles

 Parsa Sleighter – Soundcloud Singles

Parsa Sleighter – Soundcloud Singles – Singles Reviewed

Strikes me as an interesting person…Parsa Sleighter seems to have the weight of the world on his shoulders throughout the emotional material I’ve heard from his upcoming EP Solitary. Or at least I think that’s the case…I’m not entirely 100% sure…according to the write-up on Soundcloud, Parsa Sleighter may have passed away some time ago…with all that remains being the music that reflects the ‘soul left behind.’ So…in truth…it seems as if there’s more than a tinge of sadness that runs through the veins of Parsa Sleighter, and so too in turn, his music.

That being said…melancholy songs, sounds, atmospheres and tones are often the ones I feel an instant connection to. I thought the first single we checked out, “Bad Nostalgia” was a completely beautiful, forlorn & sweetly-sad song…and I thought Parsa Sleighter instantly began to shine wonderfully right from the very moment this song started. Solid emotionally-laden, rich-atmosphere that continually builds upon itself…smart writing through its progression and structure; synth-electro elements, fantastic drum-sounds that really put the intensity into the emotion – as do the vocals, they’re exceptional. A truly sincere approach to this melody…Parsa puts the sadness, tenderness and fragility into “Bad Nostalgia” – absolutely fantastic chorus-flow and a very strong start.

Somewhat similar to the emotion you can find in artists like Owl City or Styrofoam…there’s a pensiveness to it all…a feeling of personal reflection told through his music in a very comforting and relatable way. “Favorite Sin” has an equal-amount of this same recipe with a lot more pronounced guitar-parts taking a turn to shine in this stunning slow-jam. You can hear the element of poetry that Parsa adds to his lyricism; and with a little extra fun with the auto-tuner settings, his found truly wonderful tones to match the strengths in his natural sound and bring out the real textural-highlights within them. He’s used it smartly – it doesn’t sound overdone at all in “Favorite Sin” and when you do tend to notice it, it significantly adds to the melody-line of the way that the vocal-flow works. Great performances so far though…I’m already looking forward to hearing the rest of the upcoming EP after only two songs of my first experience into Parsa Sleighter’s music.


Well…that’s perhaps a bit of an oversell…for me, this is right up-there with the best you can get from an artist in terms of atmosphere and attitude, tone and sheer-environment in a song…and certainly right up-there with the best of what I’ve heard from Parsa Sleighter – “Poetry Instrumental.” Now…what I’m not completely certain of…is whether or not that’s a clever title – or if there will be vocals eventually added to it once the EP is all-finalized & ready to go. Quite honestly…I think this is a finished tune and that’s the full-title as it’s meant to be; as truly – this IS poetry in this music and no words are necessary for it to bloom and blossom for it to become as beautiful as it becomes. “Poetry Instrumental” is an absolutely stunning composition from any angle that you look at it – I do have a hard time wrapping my head around the control a singer like Parsa would have to have in order to NOT sing on this song, or at least attempt it…it’s such a charismatic and captivating song!

In short…I am absolutely looking forward to more from Parsa Sleighter…can you tell?

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