Paperwolf – “Jenny”

 Paperwolf – “Jenny”

Paperwolf – “Jenny” – Single Review

There are a whole bunch of angles you can examine the new single “Jenny” by Paperwolf from. Pushing past this being the polar-opposite style of rock I particularly connect with – there’s no need to dwell on that aspect when there’s a clear amount of passion & skill in the music to get me around my own personal-preference. The enthusiasm radiates from this rock-project…this one-man army of distortion made by Varun Arthur of the UK – and that energetic vibe & attitude count for a lot when you listen to music…it’s what makes performances like these standout to guys like me even when the music is outside of our normal diet. And after listening several times to “Jenny” – I can’t deny…the dude is full-on rocking like his life depends on it.

If you can imagine it…it’s almost similar to something like a cross between the Queens Of The Stone Age and Chuck Berry…of course people will cite The Black Keys and Jet as well…and with the exception of QOTSA, it points to the classic guitar-rock vibe that runs through “Jenny.” It also points to the fact that, each of those entities are entire-bands of talented musicians…and Paperwolf has but one, able to put out an equally-effective, large-scale rock song with all the hooks you’d need.

Examining the new single from that angle definitely makes it sound all the more impressive. From bass to drums to guitar, Varun has taken it all on himself – and delivered on every instrument. There are several moments of skilled-instrumental sections in the blaze of the up-tempo “Jenny” and Varun takes the time to put those in there rock-solidly into the music…again, a nod to the time when solos and talent were equally as important as the hook itself. Great stuttered timings and solid drumbeats, the dude has NO problems with that or the bass, which you’ll hear in a rad bass-solo mid-song just before the guitar takes flight into a rad solo of its own.

With this first single released, it’s clear that young Varun has a long future ahead of him making music in Paperwolf; that being said…he’s still at the early stages where he gets to make that clear choice in direction as to WHAT he’ll want to contribute to music in the years to follow. While “Jenny” is played, written, sung & put together in an air-tight way…it’s a long way from re-inventing the wheel or perhaps even bringing something new to your ears…and that’s always somewhat of a risk. What Varun is doing in this first single alone certainly goes a very long way to showcase the fact that he’s audibly capable of pretty much anything he’ll ever want to do in music…and I think my hope is always that artists as talented as Varun will be the people to take that natural ability and skill into something new & creative. As I’ve said many times…it’s not always about that…sometimes people just wanna rock-out and make rad music – and there’s nothing wrong with that either.

Point being that…Varun’s got ‘it’ – you know…that intangible quality that draws people in close to listen or watch…that immediate star-quality where the artist or entertainer you’re watching or listening to oozes talent from every pore…that ‘it.’ Being young on the scene and letting it rip, rock and roll as well as he is already is more than commendable…again, especially considering he’s the one-man behind everything you hear from the lyrics & structure to the vocals & music. I’d assume it won’t be long before a guy like this truly finds a voice & signature style that is undeniably his own…and when he does that…Paperwolf could definitely become a force to be reckoned with. The skill, talent, enthusiasm and energy are all there already…and when those elements are at this high-level of excitement and exceptional-ability – the last thing you’d want is for them to potentially get lost in the sea of sameness with a bunch of other rock-bands and artists with half his talent. He’s got a lot of room to grow still – but for those looking for a flawless, ripping rock-track – there’s no reason at all that “Jenny” won’t satisfy you; it’s big, it’s meaty and gloriously-distorted to rock perfection with a solid mix of classic & modern ideas in the music that will definitely get you & your whole body movin.’

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