Painter Fingers – “We Would Be Champions”

 Painter Fingers – “We Would Be Champions”

I have…so…many…questions about all this!

What a rad concept to create a video around.  Keep in mind, I likely wouldn’t recommend everyone out there just up & cleans their garage to keep us entertained, but it sure works in favor of the humble dude driving the music in Painter Fingers, no doubt about it.  With his genuine personality shining in the spotlight as he uncovers a trove of memorabilia once long forgotten & packed away, you can visibly see that Travis Charles Hagan, aka Painter Fingers, is right at home, just being his normal fun-loving self in the video for “We Would Be Champions.”  Some of my questions would definitely revolve around some of the kickass vintage stuff he finds in these boxes…some of my questions would be surrounding how these boxes came to grow into this mountain in his garage over time…a lot of my questions would be about proper beard maintenance routines & whatnot, because the dude is rockin’ serious man-face to be proud of…and I’m absolutely, 100% curious as to how a shirt from Victoria in my old home province of British Columbia ends up miles & miles away to where Hagan is based out of in Texas.  But we’ll save all this for another time…for now, you’re welcome to form your own questions and assumptions from what you see in “We Would Be Champions.”

What goes beyond questioning, is the high-quality sound & style of Painter Fingers – which is straight up delicate audio awesomeness.  I’ve seen some…hmmm…let’s say…interesting (?) comparisons as to what this dude sounds like out there, and many of them seem to come out of left-field – so lemme fix that.  Painter Fingers is like Bon Iver meets Peter Gabriel meets Sam And The Black Seas & a sprinkle of Sigur Ros for good measure.  There.  You’re welcome.  Not only is that accurate when it comes to the shimmering sound & melody at the core of “We Would Be Champions” – but if you’re familiar with all four of those incredible names, you already know you’re about to check out an endearing experience & all-out special song with this single…and believe me when I tell ya, Painter Fingers won’t disappoint ya whatsoever.  Love what I’m hearing on “We Would Be Champions” – love what I’m seeing in the sincerity of this artist onscreen in the video – and I’m all around impressed at the impact this dreamy song creates with such natural & organic ease.

Enticing to say the least – I’m stoked to hear more from Painter Fingers any time.

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