OurGlassZoo – “Astronaut”

 OurGlassZoo – “Astronaut”

Going cinematic for the video supporting their single “Astronaut” has proven to be a killer move for Vancouver-based Alt-Electro/Pop-Rock band OurGlassZoo – not only are they racking up the hit-count on the vid alone with tens-upon-tens of thousands of views, but they’re racking up the hardware in their cabinets for their efforts as well.  Scoring the Best Rock Music Video at the LA Music Awards of 2020, and an official selection of the London Music Video Festival in the same year – these guys deserve massive credit for what they’ve achieved with “Astronaut” and the captivating & compelling storyline visuals they put to it – it’s a perfect pairing, and it’s awesome to see these guys are getting recognized with serious results out there in the scene.  Pay close attention to the highly relevant theme that runs through this tune’s vid, notice how chillingly representative it is for the times we’ve been battling over the past year – and then have your mind-blown by the fact that they actually had this prescient cut ready to roll out online roughly three-to-four months BEFORE the pandemic was even a known THING!  Armed with a sound that brilliantly meets in a hybrid between the worlds of bands like Incubus and I Mother Earth, OurGlassZoo goes all-in with “Astronaut” from audio to video; there’s no denying they’ve got the maximum potential out of themselves, and out of this single in every conceivable way.  Expertly shot, professionally performed – you can’t ask’em for more than what they’re givin’ ya right here – OurGlassZoo easily has one of the best vids of the past couple years, and while it might be under the oddest of circumstances, it’s also all of a sudden one of the most relevant you’ll find out there in any corner of the internet during these isolated times we’re livin’ through right now.  Grab your popcorn, give it a click & a healthy spin below – you’ll love the dedication of this band and what OurGlassZoo has put together for ya with “Astronaut.”

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Find out more about OurGlassZoo from the official links below!

Homepage:  https://www.ourglasszoo.com

Spotify:  https://open.spotify.com/artist/3SPOvIvqtP6fCG7D2b4Xjg

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/ourglasszoo

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/ourglasszoo

Youtube:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxZGxlt0T2rG_diS6hsrOLQ

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