Omari Twist – “BIRD”

 Omari Twist – “BIRD”

Like…obviously when a single gets released on all platforms out there, you’ve got plenty of options to get to it in any way you’d wanna…I’m just sayin’ that if you’re not checking out Omari Twist’s latest cut called “BIRD” via the absolutely killer video he’s got supporting it, you are definitely missing out, straight up.  A Forty Filmz joint – “BIRD” brings you next-level entertainment straight from the drop, stylistically makin’ BIG moves from the speakers surroundin’ ya to the screen right in front of you.  For real homies – the execution is perfection all-around – and the use of effects, colors, and transitions in the video keep comin’ at ya at all times while Omari takes a rhythmic turn on the m-i-c, trappin’ with bounce, energy, and genuine swagger.  Solid hooks & mix on the melody in the vocals, Twist has all the right elements stackin’ up hard in his favor, bringing all the right things you wanna hear & see in “BIRD” that makes a single & video seriously memorable.  Facts are facts yo – Omari Twist has got the vibe & he brings the heat to the mic – and when you combine his confidence & talent with visuals like this to back it all up, it’s clear he’s got all the right pieces in place to create an impact & get the people talkin’ – there’s no doubt he’s bringin’ his A-game to “BIRD” – check it out below!

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