Omar Bowing – “Women” (Instrumental)

 Omar Bowing – “Women” (Instrumental)

Omar Bowing – “Women” (Instrumental) – Single Review

It is always amazing to me when I feel like it was just yesterday that I last dealt with an artist like Omar Bowing and realize that it was actually more than three years ago.  Where in the heck does the time go?  On the flipside of course, it’s always cool to be remembered too I suppose!  I wouldn’t really know – I’m the dude usually doing the remembering.  Anyhow…it was actually back at the end of December in 2019 that we last featured OB’s music on our pages, and earlier in that same year, he & his band had released the original version of “Women” back on International Women’s Day as their humble gift to the gender.  Back with a revised variation of the song in instrumental form, four years later, “Women” (Instrumental) has been released with the same pure intentions of honoring the amazing women all around the globe.

That means YOU Miss!  And you Mrs.!  And anyone else out there that celebrates “Women” for all the right reasons, and recognizes how important they’ve been to the foundation of civilization & its history from day one, this song is for you too.  I love how beautiful yet strong this tune truly is, and think it’s a perfect way to pay tribute to the “Women” out there that have done so very much for this world we’re all livin’ in.

Ultimately, it was a really good idea to revisit this tune if you ask me.  Obviously the timing of its release is intentional in that regard, but beyond that, taking some of what I suppose you could have defined as more of a typically ‘manly Rock’ vibe out of the original to turn this song into the inspiringly spirited new instrumental that it is now…seems like it was undeniably the right call to make, and closer to what the vision of this song was calling out for from the very beginning.  Don’t get me wrong, it was a good tune back when OB first put it out there, but I think it’s easy to hear how it’s become an even better one in this new version now.  And ain’t that what things are really supposed to be about?  Evolution is a constant opportunity.

At the core of it all, we’re taught a sincerely valuable lesson by Omar Bowing about how music is truly the universal language it always gets credit for being.  By removing the words from “Women” and allowing the music to speak for itself, you feel this particular song and the bold emotions expressed within it that much more.  That’s no disrespect to any singer out there, it’s just a general comment on how incredible it is to experience music that is able to speak volumes on its own behalf without the use of a single word…even if you’re a singer yourself, you’ve gotta admit, that’s very much part of the magic of what makes music such a consistently remarkable wonder to behold.  Fueled by the guitars, bass, drums, and an orchestra, Omar Bowing’s “Women” is a mesmerizing tapestry of engaging & evocative music that anyone out there would fully appreciate not just for how it sounds, but also what it stands for.  It’s an authentically adventurous song and so well-conceived that you can’t help but admire the sheer strength of its composition, the bold dignity of its structure, and the truly seamless way that it flows.

With a cinematic edge to it that is certainly more pronounced in this updated instrumental variation, the radiantly vibrant and colorful sound of “Women” (Instrumental) is a serious testament to what makes a tributary tune sincere and successful.  It’s as moving as it is authentic, bright, and beautiful – yet by no means anything as simple as merely delicate either…it’s truly representative of the powerfully dynamic, versatile diversity, and brilliantly complex emotions, thoughts, and feelings of the “Women” you know.  Through each and every twist & turn that this song has, you’ll find another aspect of its tributary sound in action, displaying stoic support for the female gender through an awe-inspiring array of musicianship.  Everything about “Women” is dedicated in a way that is designed to touch the hearts and minds of all who listen to it.  From its passionate instrumentation, to the captivating way its enchanting sound will move you, to the true heart that fuels the sentiment of this song, “Women” sounds more full of life, meaning, and purpose than you’ll hear in the vast majority of tunes out there without a doubt, and it’ll serve perfectly as the anthem to a very important and significant moment we should all be celebrating.

Happy International Women’s Day to all you incredible “Women” out there, we see you, and salute you!

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