Omar Bowing – “Amen”

 Omar Bowing – “Amen”

Omar Bowing – “Amen” – Single Review

You gotta hand it to Omar Bowing…the brooding-tone in the signature-style of this dude’s song-writing and band’s overall-sound always seems like its hulking & heaving away, growing larger in the attic of your mind…ready to pound-out your doom & announce your end of days at any given moment. There has always been a professionally-controlled aggression to the sound of this four-piece heavy-rock ensemble; they know their style, they know their sound – and Omar Bowing corners the market on desolate-rock built on the heavy.

Mind you…his music is always accompanied by sharp, precision-instrumentation and tones that supply just enough light & hope throughout the lyrics, sentiment and music to get you through the dark. True to their dank-grinding style of rock – Omar Bowing is back with a brand-new single called “Amen” that takes their melodic-side up a notch-further into their music while still maintaining a menacing-shadow’s presence in the grungy, dimly-lit & dusky sound collectively. They’ve always been a tight-band…and they’re certainly back to prove that once again with a thought-provoking new-song on the priceless nature of life itself, and the consequences of a life of excess.

Standout performances from Tim Horsley on the drums and Omar’s guitarviol-mastery shine brightly in this melancholy-rock. The atmosphere is a thick, heavy & haunting one…the harmonies stand-out fantastically as vocalist Tyson Yen leads the way into the darkness. Complex timings, stuttered & staggered structures all come together with a haggard-energy that feels lifeless in its mood, but completely alive through how they play it.

Definitely built on a tough-grunge vibe that feels so isolated it’s nearly claustrophobic…but also combining that with a somewhat anthem-style feel to the largeness of the single-word chorus that feels like it borrows from big-stadium rock; the contrasting mix between the two elements makes for that perfect devils/angels feeling in the mood, music & lyrics.

Really can’t say enough about the drums…I love the way they SOUND in this song! Solo-work around the 1:40 mark with Omar on the guitarviol make for captivating moments that really make for an extraordinary listening experience. Especially as they roll-out of the verse and into the chorus each time…the guitarviol in those moments sounds incredibly smooth and incredibly rad – and ALL at the same time, can you believe it folks? What a deal!

The imagery in the lyricism is dirty, moody, scary and carries the weight of its jaded-attitude in the heavy-rock vibe throughout the duration of “Amen.” I’ve always been a fan of Omar Bowing because you can’t ever expect the typical; while there are many aspects that might be described that way with the overall grunge-sound, the harmonies or even performances individually sometimes…but the way that its assembled, written and played keeps this band authentically-unique in comparison to the other bands, sounds & songs surrounding them. There is an intensity and seriousness that is unshakable in Omar Bowing’s music…and I think that uncompromised-magic makes its presence known once again in this new-single.

You can always count on this guy and the band to deliver the goods; Omar Bowing takes the extremities of light & dark and mixes the black & white of life into grey unlike any other I know.

Find out more about Omar Bowing direct at the official Facebook page here: and what’s that you say? You want some more? Here’s some more! Check into Omar’s page at Soundcloud here: and be sure to go buy a copy of the new single “Amen” if you’re digging what you hear! You can do that right here: – isn’t that awesome? Man I love the internet!

WHAT? You STILL haven’t had ENOUGH Omar Bowing? You music-fans are insane – but we get it, we get it! Find Omar Bowing at Twitter here: and tweet’em up! And if you REALLY, TRULY still can’t get enough of the band then go hit up their page at YouTube and watch the heavy-rock happen right in front of your face by clicking THIS:

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