With a radiantly bright & celebratory sound that’s a perfect fit for her ode to the wacky & wonderful place we know & love as “HOLLYWOOD” – artist OLYA K’s new single can’t help but have you thinking of getting to that next vacation as quickly as you possibly can get there.  Highly addictive, sparkling Electro-Pop hooks & upbeat energy combine with OLYA K’s beautifully melodic vocals to create a relentlessly catchy & charming experience that’ll bring the sunshine beaming into your screens & speakers.  As cleverly flashy in the video as the stylistic sound of the music is, OLYA K puts in a wonderfully inspired & endearing performance that is a virtual guarantee to have the people out there singing along with her every word within just a couple of listens – and would you look at that – she’s already got her own star on the walk of fame if you’re paying close attention to the visuals of “HOLLYWOOD!”  While sure, it might be a music-video and a dream still yet to come in that respect, she certainly proves she’s earning her spot with a star-worthy song in “HOLLYWOOD” and the way she shines throughout this single.  OLYA K sweetly dazzles & welcomes you in to join her in a colorful display of music that all can enjoy with her latest tune – check out “HOLLYWOOD” below!

Find more music by OLYA K at her official YouTube channel here:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPPJauVpi2FlS3NR7zaJDtw

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