OG2G – “New Wave” Feat. Mula Mike & Rockamo Muzick

 OG2G – “New Wave” Feat. Mula Mike & Rockamo Muzick

Rapper OG2G is back on a whole other level – he’s on a “New Wave,” with homies Mula Mike and Rockamo Muzick lending their talents and assistance to the vibrant pulse & sound of this new collaborative single/video.  Everything I’ve read about OG2G seems to be fantastic…dedicated father, dedicated friend…all that good stuff; he’s proudly representing Dallas, Texas, and putting his heart & soul into creating rhymes & music designed to lead the way to a better tomorrow.  He’s all about positivity and good-times…the empowering & uplifting energy of “New Wave” will confirm that for ya – check it out below!

Find more music from OG2G at his official channel at YouTube here:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4pNZF3euGWBIPz9J5LOPCA

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